Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: The World’s Greatest Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

This season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is coming out of the gate strong. Garcelle Beauvais has already been taking the women to task for their questionable actions. Although she’s moving forward with Kyle Richards, things are still murky with Lisa Rinna. Lisa’s owning that she was a horrible friend, but actions will speak a lot louder. Trust is a fundamental aspect to a relationship. Right now, the trust level is close to nonexistent.

Last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended with a monumental argument. New wives Sutton Stracke & Crystal Kung Minkoff got into a fiery back and forth regarding race. Obviously this is quite the sensitive topic, but kudos to Crystal for standing her ground. If Sutton would take the time to listen to what she has to say their feud might be avoided. However, it looks like last season’s golden child is losing her shine after this.

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Things instantly kick off with Sutton & Crystal’s argument continuing. Sutton breaks down saying she doesn’t see color or race which is honestly the wrong answer. Crystal feels like her doing that is brushing it under the rug. Sutton’s the type that won’t want to ever speak about this. She doesn’t have to. She’s able to live a life of ignorance to racial issues.

Sutton’s emotional spiral continues, but it’s difficult to feel bad for her. I understand she’s not coming from a place of malice, but don’t ignore race. She wants it to come across like she sees everyone equal, but color blindness isn’t the way. That’s not going to help this type of conversation moving forward.

Crystal agrees to disagree. I hate that she has to do that. She should be able to have her voice heard in this group. Sutton’s tears of discomfort shouldn’t come before Crystal’s feelings regarding race. That’s not how it should be. This should be an open and honest forum for her to speak on these things.

In the middle of the night Kathy Hilton traveled to Sutton’s room with her fan and eight pillows. Holy f**k Kathy is comedic gold. She’s the presence I never knew this franchise needed. She drank a Red Bull and read a bunch of newspapers while in bed with Kyle also. She’s living in her own universe, and we’re all just along for the ride.

The group discusses the election, and the women want Biden to win. Lisa says Donald Trump’s changed since he became president. The orange fear mongering monster that we see today isn’t always who he was. I guess the White House drove the man madder than hell. Welp.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Sutton pulls Crystal outside to talk before they embark on their adventure for the day. She doesn’t want Crystal to think she’s culturally insensitive. Crystal understands she does see everyone equally, but this goes beyond that. Even though Sutton is the girl that doesn’t see color, she thinks Crystal was too rude.

I feel as though Crystal did come across maybe slightly intense in the moment, but can you blame her? She’s had to endure this sort of thing her entire life. Everywhere she goes, there are people talking to her that “don’t see color”. Saying something like that is glossing over her entire culture. It glazes over who she is as a person.

It’s confusing to Crystal when people say they don’t see color. How can you not? Crystal’s been on the side of vicious racism. This cuts deep. This goes back throughout her entire childhood. That’s terrifying for someone to have to experience. People saying they don’t see color is almost holding back society. It’s not allowing people to see who someone truly is. We are not a Melting Pot. We are a Salad Bowl.

On the flip side, people automatically assume Sutton’s racist because of her southern roots. Obviously she hasn’t experienced the level of hate that Crystal has, but it’s something. As of now Sutton & Crystal are moving forward, but I have an inkling this won’t last.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The women are in these cars on railroad tracks, and it’s terrifying. They’re so exposed and out in the open. Anything could go wrong. Sutton’s not wrong to be scared out of her mind. Kathy had the right idea when she chose to hang back at the house and get beauty sleep.

On the way home, Crystal & Sutton start to learn more about each other’s past. Hearing the story of Sutton’s father’s suicide hurts so much. It’s such a traumatic way to lose a loved one. Crystal’s father passed away as well, so a soft spot is created in Sutton’s heart. There might be hope for these two after all!

Kathy tells everyone she accidentally put ear drops in her eyes. Kathy is absolutely bats**t crazy. I love every second of it too. She’s the hot mess we’re all going to want on this show for years to come. It’s such a different energy than anything we’ve ever seen on this show before.

Garcelle says Paris Hilton came on The Real, and she was shocked to hear her real voice. She also says at parties in the past, she’d always be on her phone. Kyle & Kathy come to her defense to say it’s a defense mechanism for when she’s uncomfortable.

I really enjoy Garcelle’s fearlessness with this group. She’s not afraid to bring up subjects or topics that might make some uncomfortable. There’s an authenticity to what she asks and has to say. It feels like when she opens her mouth, something important’s about to emerge from her life.

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Lisa & Garcelle are the first to be ready for dinner, and their interaction’s so awkward. It’s so uncomfortable to watch. They’re talking about absolutely nothing. Small talk is the WORST. I’d almost rather sit in silence than talk about something neither of us give a f**k about.

Kathy asks everyone at dinner to raise their glass and thank Lisa for the weekend. Cheers! We all know it was production, but cheers to Rinna anyway!

Shout out to Lisa for her new lip line! This is so iconic. Lisa’s lips ARE pop culture honey. When you think of Lisa, you think of lips. That’s all there is to it.

Lisa asks Sutton what happened the night before because she always wants the tea. Everyone asks Sutton why she was so offended by the race conversation. Erika Jayne says she doesn’t feel paranoid about people thinking she might be racist. Everyone at the table is looking at Sutton like she has five heads right now.

Dorit Kemsley talks about how she’s so worldly and would never have that notion. We get it Dorit. You’ve traveled to Italy and England and Prague. We understand it.

Sutton says she’s been in a world that’s multicultural, and Crystal can’t help but laugh. Sutton’s fall from grace is happening so quickly before our eyes. Everyone’s favorite friend from last season is on the verge of becoming this year’s wife from hell. The insensitivity is seeping from her pores.

Dorit’s trying to understand where Sutton’s coming from, but it’s not coming through. She wasn’t trying to dig at her. Sutton can’t handle a simple conversation about this whatsoever. Everything’s over the top because Sutton’s taking offense to everything. The reaction is making me raise my eyebrows a bit.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle thinks they should lay off Sutton a little which is annoying. She did this last year with the ragamuffin, so does she love being on the losing team? I know they’re close friends, but sometimes blind loyalty is embarrassing.

Kathy & Dorit down martinis. Full bottoms up. Slurped those bitches down to nothing. Dorit starts texting someone at the table, but it’s not entirely clear who. I wonder if she was gossiping about Sutton’s meltdown with someone. I know I would be.

Lisa & Erika join the martini train and they do bottoms up as well. These girls are going to be SMASHED by the end of the evening. Look what Kathy started.

A producer asks Kathy about the martini situation, and she reveals it was all an epic prank. She wasn’t actually drinking them at all! It was all a ruse. It was just water with olives made to look like a martini. Ladies and gentleman, we have a prank war champion.

Apparently Erika & Rinna were the ones being texted by Dorit, and they’re in on the prank as well. They’ve flipped this onto Kathy and convinced her that everyone is falling for this. Holy crap I love this!

Sutton’s mind looks like it’s ready to implode. There’s clearly a feeling of paranoia emanating from her at the dinner. I think she’s under the impression everyone’s gossiping about her with the texts.

Crystal kicks Sutton before she can reveal to everyone that Kathy is the brunt of the joke. Nobody’s trying to hurt Sutton here. Everyone cannot be let in about the joke or it ruins everything. Our Southern Belle needs to lighten the f**k up. By the time Sutton gets out of the car, she’s in a full on crying fit. WOW.

Crystal calls Sutton uptight and tells her to relax. Sutton screams that she is a grown woman, but Kyle privately tells her to act like one. Why is this so complicated? Sutton’s take a fun prank to an uncomfortable level. She lost her entire mind. There’s no moving forward between these two. Crystal’s done.

45 minutes later Crystal’s on the phone with her friend calling Crystal bats**t crazy. Sutton decides to take Crystal’s coat up to her room, and the episode ends with her barging in her door. There’s no chance of this ending well.


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