Kroy Biermann Owes $22K To His Former Sports Agent

I’m not going to lie, I love seeing any bad news about Kim Zolciak and her crew. But back in the very early days of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim was a harmless narcissist. Who just so happened to be the mistress to a very rich man. She was entertaining and delusional, which is exactly how I like my housewives. One of my all time favorite housewives moments ever was watching Kim drink a glass of wine and smoke a cigarette in a strip mall parking lot, blasting the original “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.” All in front of an equally delusional Sheree Whitfield, who commented on what a lovely singing voice Kim had. Of course, those were all pre-wig shifting days.

But Kim ultimately moved on from Big Poppa and created another “one hit wonder” thanks to Kandi Burruss. But Kim’s origin with “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” ultimately led her to her own spin off. Once Kim met now-husband Kroy Biermann at Sheree’s charity dance off, love bloomed and she quickly became pregnant. Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding was created and ultimately, she left RHOA to have her own show, Don’t Be Tardy. It featured Kim, Kroy and their gaggle of kids. Chaos ensued. So did plastic surgery. And money was spent. Lots of it. I will never fully understand how they kept up with the lifestyle they portrayed but now we are getting a little glimpse as to why.

Coming as an absolute shock to no one, it’s because they are accused of not paying their damn bills. Kim has been accused of owing money to vendors for her wedding. She’s also been accused of not paying her credit card bills. I guess it didn’t help that Kroy got released from his football team and never really played again. That’s why they say the NFL stands for “Not For Long”. Speaking of Kroy’s NFL career……

Now his former sports agent is saying that Kroy also isn’t paying his bill. Radar Online is reporting that Kroy’s former agent sued him back in September for commissions he owed him. The agent, Andrew Baker, claimed he made repeated attempts to contact Kroy about paying up but to no avail. The money in question is from contacts negotiations for the Atlanta Falcons and the Buffalo Bills.

Apparently, Kroy did make some payments but eventually stopped and still owes and outstanding $22,120.70. I think it’s safe to assume he stopped making payments when the family started running low on cash. Why else would you stop paying someone?


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Anyway, a judge eventually got sick of Kroy not paying up and issued a default judgement for Kroy to pay the full amount he owes. The very next month, the agent filed a lien against Kroy to the tune of $12,120.74. Supposedly a $10K payment was made by Kroy since then but the lien won’t be released until he pays it all.

Now that Don’t Be Tardy has officially been cancelled, it might just be a little harder to do. While Kim claims she has something else in the works, I highly doubt it. She’s also the same person who claims that Don’t Be Tardy wasn’t canceled and that the decision was a mutual one with Bravo. Sure, Jan. Like you would just cut off your only source of income for shits and giggles. Especially with those glam bills.

Either way, I’m experiencing some major schadenfreude, for which I refuse to apologize for. And I never will. Pay your bills like the rest of us, Kroy! Maybe your next show could be called Don’t Be Tardy On Your Payments. It has a nice ring to it.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]