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Kim Zolciak Denies That Don’t Be Tardy Was Cancelled

Kim Zolciak-Biermann has accomplished a feat not many of us can do. She single-handedly altered the perception of time as we know it and turned 15 minutes of fame into multiple seasons of a spin-off. It really was quite remarkable given she was introduced to a viewing audience as a single mom having an affair with a married man, testing the boundaries of the music industry.

Real Housewives of Atlanta was Kim’s launch pad. Cameras followed Kim during her RHOA tenure until she met the man of her wallet dreams, Kroy Biermann. Kim and Kroy were the Romeo and Juliet of Atlanta, minus the hemlock and vocabulary. Their relationship gave hope to those searching for true love and an NFL contract. Kim produced four more children and a spinoff called, Don’t Be Tardy. Premiering in 2012, the show highlighted Kim and her now very large family and their various antics, it was also a long-running advert for red Solo cups. Now after 8 years, rumor has it DBT has a DNR. But Kim is doing her best to once again manipulate the concept of time and keep that 15 minutes going.

Last season’s storyline was the Biermann clan road tripping in an RV and visiting various landmarks across the US. And that should have been your first clue that the inevitable was about to happen. Remember when Fonzie jumped the shark? It looks like we might have seen the last of Kim’s show, which had a good run. Media reports have speculated that Don’t Be Tardy is dead in the water but Kim is coming in hot with the denials. Because, of course she is.

I really hope Kim’s skincare line is doing well because girlfriend might be about to lose a check. After news leaked that DBT is done, Kim and Kroy apparently released a statement that said, “While ‘Don’t Be Tardy…’ will not be returning for another season, the Biermanns’ will always be part of the Bravo family and we look forward to seeing what’s next.” Uh-huh, I’m pretty sure nothing is next.


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Now Kim is outright denying the show has been cut from the roster. On Twitter she retweeted an article detailing the cancellation rumors and said, “Stop with the cancelled shit!” Okay, no problem. Sadly, saying it isn’t cancelled doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t cancelled. But you keep hope alive, girl. When a fan lamented her dismay over losing such quality programming, Kim retweeted that effort as well and declared, “We will be back on your screen soon babe, don’t you worry!” All five people praying for the show’s return now have a ray of hope.

Bless Kim, I’m sure she’s had to reinforce her front door to keep it from caving in after receiving all of the offers coming her way. The writing was on the wall for Don’t Be Tardy last season, stunt moves like road trips are often the kiss of death. Will Kim and her family resurface on another network? Could Bravo find another platform for Kim and her brood? Or is Kim finally losing her grip on her wizard-like abilities to Back To The Future herself into relevance? Only time will tell, but it seems like Kim has finally run out of it.


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