Kim Zolciak says goodbye to RHOA forever

Kim Zolciak Claims She’s “Finally Free” After Don’t Be Tardy Cancelation; Insists Ending Show Was A Mutual Decision

Kim Zolciak has been a Bravo darling since the beginning of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Whether you love her or hate her, she truly made the early days of RHOA iconic af. She was the chain-smoking, bad wig-wearing blonde that always had a glass of wine in her hand and a dream. Her tumultuous friendship with Nene Leakes brought some of the best banter of all time. And while she’s polarizing, she’s always owned up to who she is, especially when it comes to her high-maintenance lifestyle. The scene of her eating pizza while getting stomach fat lasered off is forever cemented in my brain as classic housewives’ material.

Kim’s story was really unexpected. She went from spending Big Daddy’s money to meeting Kroy Biermann and his “tight ass” while the RHOA cameras were rolling. For over a decade now, the match-made-in-heaven has been popping out babies, spending a lot of money and documenting it all on their spin-off Don’t Be Tardy. While I understand everyone has opinionsmany not positive, about Kim, Kroy is like a godsend in her life. He loves her children and somehow doesn’t lose his mind with all the over-the-top ladies in his home. And watching their story on the spinoff really was entertaining for a while.

But the show lost its luster. The storylines weren’t there. Kim has been so far removed from RHOA, and so determined never to return, that it felt like it was past its time. So it wasn’t that surprising when Bravo announced the show was over. Miss “Tardy For The Party” herself has doubled down that it wasn’t canceled. And even more recently, a “source” (ok Brielle Biermann) told Us Weekly that Kim is glad the show is over.


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Kim’s not sad about Don’t Be Tardy ending. Yes, it’s emotional because of how long her family filmed the show and all the memories they created, but she sees it as a positive change,” the “source” said. “She feels finally free after a 13-year-long relationship to get to do other projects she’s wanted to do.” Are we buying this? What else does Kim really have besides this? We know Biermann’s plan to return to our TV screens, probably in some Peacock spinoff, but Kim has to be bummed her show is over. Maybe she’ll finally make a run back at RHOA. But Kenya Moore would definitely have to lose her peach first.


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The source said it was “perfect timing” for the show to end because “there wasn’t much else to film in terms of storylines.” Yeah, anyone who watched DBT in the past couple of years can see that. “She has a lot more time now to focus on building her brand,” they added. In an even more ludicrous statement, the source said that the ending of the show was a mutual decision between the Zolciak-Biermann family and Bravo. I call B.S., but whatever Kim needs to tell herself to make her feel better.


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