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Jen Shah Tells Heather Gay “Fix Your F–King Face” In Leaked Audio

Jen Shah from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has a reputation for being pretty vicious (and tone-deaf). She called Mary Cosby a “grandpa f–ker” and says Mary thinks she’s white. She’s fat-shamed Heather Gay and accused her of being “racist AF.” She’s gone after Meredith Marks’ marriage and has a burning rage for Whitney Rose. She’s even got beef with Meredith’s son Brooks Marks. The only ally she seems to have is Lisa Barlow, apparently because she’s the only one that’s not a “fake ass white girl” aka makes excuses for Jen. 

Things took a turn for Jen recently when she was arrested for her alleged involvement in a telemarketing scheme. She and her assistant Stu Chains (Stuart Smith) are facing federal fraud and money laundering charges that carry a maximum of 30-years in prison if found guilty. In true fashion, she’s denying it all, even pleading not guilty in court. Oh, and disparaging her castmates at every turn along the way. 

Instagram user @realityvontease2 recently posted an audio clip of Jen demeaning Heather even more. And it’s another low blow. “This bitch really thinks she’s like a f–king actress and shit. Like, why don’t you just be yourself and people will like you authentically. Bitch you ain’t an actress for a reason. So stop.”


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She goes on to put down her appearance, “I’m laughing so hard I tell her all the time like ‘Hey bitch fix your f–king face.” So gross. Heather has tried to be a loyal friend to Jen, who keeps putting her down. They’ve both been open about the work they get done — Heather owns a laser beauty lab for god’s sake. Jen is just gross for this. Maybe she’s just jealous because Heather is such a fan favorite, even Rihanna loves her. 


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Jen obviously has a lot to worry about right now. Before Jen got tipped off found out about the charges, she was getting heat for screaming at members of her Shah-Squad. Yet, instead of apologizing or explaining anything, she’s getting glam, talking smack and posting on Instagram like nothing is wrong. Bravo has said that Season 2 of RHOSLC will show as much as they’re legally allowed about Jen’s case, so if she keeps filming, she’s sure to not be welcomed warmly by her other castmates. Especially Heather.


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