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Jen Shah Claims She’s Innocent; Says Arrest Has Shown Who Her True Friends Are

The first season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City gave us beautiful scenery and a lot of people’s first look into the Mormon community. We had an eclectic group of women experiencing marital issues, the heartbreak of drug addiction, and, well, marrying your step-grandfather. We were also introduced to Jen Shah. Jen was loud, polarizing, and now currently under indictment for wire fraud and money laundering.

Last week, Jen found herself in handcuffs with her assistant Stuart Smith. After years of allegedly scamming people in a telemarketing scheme, the Feds finally caught up to Jen and Stu. Instead of going on a cast trip to Vail, she took a field trip to the courthouse. No word on whether or not Jen used her one phone call to check and see if your Nana wanted to renew her car’s extended warranty. As Jen awaits her fate, she has taken to social media to proclaim her innocence. Apparently, Jen’s attorney has not advised her to stay off of Instagram – but he should.

Jen had a whirlwind week. After doing the most on her first season of being a Housewife, now she is doing the most as someone being investigated for a Federal crime. Over the weekend, Jen thanked her friends and family for their support after being pulled into custody for taking part in an ALLEGED conspiracy to dupe people out of their hard-earned money. She took to Instagram Stories and, I shit you not, posted a photo of herself with “FREE JEN” under the pic. The story is no longer available, but a screenshot was shared on Twitter. Honey, you are not Britney Spears, have several seats.

Jen added the caption, “Thank you for being loyal, believing in me and not believing the hype.” Apparently Jen has confused the word “hype” with the word “indictment”. She included, “This journey has showed me who my true friends are. All my love. #ShahSquad” Can five days actually be considered a “journey”? Or perhaps Jen means the “journey” she has allegedly taken since 2012 of grifting money from others? When Jen speaks of “true friends”, is she talking about the ones she doesn’t pay a salary to hang around?


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On Insta, Cristian Gray Snow shared a direct message exchange between Jen and one of her fans, who is presumably not a paid member of the #ShahFraud, I’m sorry, I mean the #ShahSquad. Jen’s follower wrote, “Jen, are the charges true?” Jen replied, “I am innocent of these charges. Please don’t believe this. We will prove my innocense [sic].” Well case closed, amirite? The loyal fan responded, “I hope so Jen! Will you continue to film RHOSLC and tell your story?” DO YOU REALLY NEED TO ASK? Jen answered, “Absolutely.”

No doubt Jen will unashamedly milk her own arrest and possible conviction as a storyline for the show. Note to Erika Jayne, this is how it’s done… Even if Jen is found guilty, it’s fair to speculate she’s hoping for a Bravo special and a couple of book deals, a la Teresa Giudice. Bravo loves a felon! The real question is, will Stu Chainz roll over and testify against her? Jen plead not guilty to the charges and remains free on $1 million bond that was set following her arrest. In other news, Whitney Rose and anyone almost physically assaulted by Jen is currently living their best life.


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