Wendy Williams Wants To Be On Real Housewives Of Miami Reboot; Suggests Larsa Pippen For Cast

Pretty much everyone is familiar with Wendy Williams. Even if you don’t watch her show, her antics have been splashed across the media. She had a messy divorce. She passed out on live television. And she’s big on spreading gossip. In theory, her background sounds like a Housewife resume. All she really needs is an enormous fraud case to seal the deal.

Since Wendy already has the qualifications and she is currently on Andy Cohen’s good side, has the time come for her to test her chops on a show? Real Housewives of Miami is looking like it will get another shot and producers are allegedly narrowing down cast for the 305. We may get Marysol Patton back. Perhaps Adriana de Moura. Now we’re hearing we may get Wendy too. Someone needs to go check on NeNe Leakes because she’s about to have a real bad day.

It would be great if RHOM returns because who doesn’t like fresh meat? The original show kind of dropped off the radar after three seasons, despite some fairly interesting storylines and a decent cast. There has been buzz about putting Frosty’s magic hat on the series and bringing it back to life and now people are scurrying like rats to cheese. Talk show host, enemy of NeNe, and Lifetime movie subject Wendy wants a bite.

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, Wendy is making moves. She showed up on Watch What Happens Live and Andrew mentioned fans asking if Wendy was serious when she claimed she wanted in on the show. Wendy replied, “I waited for this moment and somebody else to introduce it. I think it’s cheesy to beg because I think you don’t believe me.” Good lord. Here’s the thing, having Wendy’s name attached to the program would definitely bring attention to a show that apparently died due to lack of interest. So there is that.


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At least Wendy is a part-time resident of Miami. Her son attends college in Florida and her father and sister live there as well. Wendy added, “I totally can have the in because I would immediately befriend Larsa Pippen.” Fans were just thrilled with Larsa’s relentless search for the perfect English-speaking nanny during the first season of RHOM. “Sign up Larsa Pippen, I’ve got the word on the inside that she wants to be a part.” Currently Larsa will attend the opening of a door in the greater Dade County area, so she’s definitely in if they want her back.

Wendy isn’t done with suggestions though, “Sign up Mrs. Phil Collins, the ex who’s married to the young man, they both live in the mansion.” But don’t get it twisted, Wendy only wants to be a FRIEND of the show. “Trust me, I definitely want to be just a ‘friend of’ because I don’t want to obligate myself to being there all the time.” She just wants screen time and dirt so she can go back to NYC, sit in her big chair, and spill the tea on Hot Topics. “And then come back and you ask me how my weekend is and I’m like, ‘Well, I was in Miami, let me tell you what I can say.” Uh-huh, we see you honey.


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Andy then reminded the class this is entirely hypothetical because there is no official word RHOM is returning. However, there’s never this much talk without some action happening. After NeNe accused Wendy of being a coke head and Andy of being racist – are they teaming up for the ultimate revenge? While we wait for confirmation by Bravo that Miami is indeed a thing, Wendy is ready to report for duty. Hopefully no one forgets to check on NeNe.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]