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Dani Soares Wishes Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux Filmed Below Deck Sailing Yacht Reunion With The Cast Instead Of Taping His Portion Separately

One of the biggest dramas of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 happened after filming wrapped.  Sure we got the usual mix of hookups, workplace conflict, hookups, cooking disasters, drama, and of course a boat-mance.  But after Second Stew Dani Soares revealed a pregnancy with an unnamed father, speculation went into overdrive.  Who was the father of her child?

Of course Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans immediately suspected it was Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux.  He and Dani were hooking up for most of the season and the two walked off into the sunset together when the charter season ended.  Though the two are not currently together, the timing of baby Lilly’s birth points to an end of summer conception.  I.E. end of charter season.  However, the need to speculate has seemingly come to an end.  But that depends on which cast member you ask.

Dani has all but confirmed her suspicion that Jean-Luc is the father, and while he claims to be ready to take a paternity test, he hasn’t committed to doing it yet.  Teasers for Part 2 of the Reunion indicate that Jean-Luc and Dani have conflicting opinions on whether he is willing to be in the child’s life if indeed Lilly is his daughter.

Unfortunately, Dani and Jean-Luc will not be able to speak to each other in real time during the reunion.  Entertainment Tonight reported that Jean-Luc filmed a separate statement while on charter in Costa Rica, a decision that Dani labeled “disappointing.”  She explained, “it’s just me talking — and I’m not confirming or denying anything — but his name is out there and there is a discussion and all that.  So, it would have been much better if he was there.”


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Somehow, the rest of the cast managed to appear live.  It’s the new COVID-19 world we live in.  Hannah Ferrier filmed her last reunion from Sydney Australia at 4am.  The optics for Jean-Luc pairs the lack of effort with perhaps a lack of accountability for the situation.  To her credit, Dani does not speak ill of him.

Instead, she said, “apparently he was on charter.  I think he’s going to explain that there, but I did really wish he was there. That’s all. I think that we all should be together to discuss things that relate to all of us. … It’s much better when we’re all together and we can have a discussion instead of just being separate, and we might not get a chance to answer and things like that. So I wish he was there.”


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It’s interesting to note that the rest of the cast is Team Dani Sydney Zaruba, Natasha De Bourg, and Alli Dore all publicly called Jean-Luc out for stalling on getting a paternity test.  If he did appear live, it seems JL would be answering to a LOT of people.  Not just Dani.  But she acknowledges that his point of view is valid and should be heard.

“There is no point to telling just my side of the story,” Dani concluded, “we need everybody’s sides, because we all have different points of view and we all think we were telling the truth, but we all see the truth differently.”


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