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Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Part 2 Recap: It’s All Maritime Law To Me

Anyone need a Valium? Truly, I don’t know how you could’ve gotten through Part 2 of the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion without anxiety. Or at the very least a substantial headache. Because as much as Hannah Ferrier‘s firing (rightfully) angered fans, I never want to hear the words “maritime law” again. Except, sorry, you’ll probably be forced to hear them a whole bunch in this last and final recap of the season.

The first half of Part 2 of the reunion all revolves around the drama between Hannah and Captain Sandy Yawn. Was Hannah’s vape pen for CBD or THC? The chief stew claims it was CBD for anxiety; the manufacturer claims it matches their THC pen. Ok, that doesn’t stop Hannah from insisting you can put whatever oil you want in the pen, and doubling down that it was CBD. Jessica More jumps in to add that she also had a CBD pen on board, which promptly sets Sandy off. But what’s the captain going to do? Fire her? And really, does anyone even care anymore at this point?

One person who definitely still cares? Malia White, who insists turning Hannah in wasn’t a personal vendetta. It was just — say it with me — maritime law. (Except it was also probably a personal vendetta.) Malia tries to argue that if Hannah had had the correct prescription for her medication, none of this would’ve been a problem. But Hannah fires back that she was able to provide Bravo with proof of her prescription…12 hours after leaving The Wellington. Things between Hannah and Malia also get confusing when Advil PM somehow gets thrown into the conversation. Either way, Sandy checked with her maritime lawyer and says it was all illegal. You know, since the boat was regularly crossing into international waters. I’m exhausted, you guys.

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At this point, Malia also reveals she actually went to production first, and they’re the ones who told her to go to Sandy. But no matter who she showed the Valium to first, she and Sandy both insist it would’ve all been handled the same way. Because maritime law. Besides, pretty much the whole crew — minus Alex Radcliffe, who had no skin in the game — believes it was a THC pen. As for why Malia didn’t just talk to Hannah about the Valium first? She claims it “wasn’t her place” to talk about it with a fellow crew member. Yeah…OK, Malia. Hope that helps you sleep at night.


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Malia also shoots down the fan theory that there was some sort of secret plan to replace Hannah and Kiko Lorran with Bugsy Drake and Tom Checketts. Which, to be honest, is a conspiracy I never took seriously in the first place. After all, Bugsy came on to replace Lara Flumiani, and only stepped up to chief stew because she happened to be qualified. And the Tom thing, as terrible as his attitude was, just happened to be…well, happenstance.

Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Hannah Ferrier

But back to Hannah‘s firing. Sandy says she wouldn’t have done anything differently. She claims the situation was out of her hands from the moment the law was broken. When asked, Hannah sees things differently. She wishes Captain Sandy would’ve pulled her aside and had a respectful conversation, rather than making her feel like a “druggie criminal” for having medication on board. And that’s something that really bothered from the moment it happened. Sandy incessantly, repeatedly used the words “drugs” in a calculated way to disparage Hannah. It’s the tone in which she said it on board. In confessionals. In the press. And yes, during this reunion.


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But regardless, Hannah doesn’t regret her final season of Below Deck Med. Ultimately, she made good money, and is in a better place now. She spent nearly five whole seasons navigating viewers through this crazy world of yachting in front of Bravo’s cameras. And we’ll be forever grateful and entertained. Now, she’s officially retired, living in Sydney, and about to have her first baby. She’s also started a podcast and a new yachting training program called Ocean International Training Academy. Despite her rocky exit from the series, Hannah’s expanding her brand thanks to the platform the show has given her. So really, Hannah wins. She just won’t be naming her daughter Sandy any time soon.

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Finally, Tom and a very blurry Aesha Scott enter the chat for the final segment of the reunion. Tom defends his endless tantrums; Aesha promises she’s left her issues towards him on the boat. Tom complains about the death threats he’s received on social media, mostly for being associated with Malia. But things get awkward when Andy Cohen asks the pair about their relationship status. They’re both cagey, dodging the question repeatedly, and eventually land on “figuring things out.” Tom also says that yes, they’re monogamous when they’re both on different boats. Of course, knowing now how that worked out, it’s strange to think that Tom had already been allegedly unfaithful as they were filming and was apparently lying through his British teeth.


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The virtual hot seats eventually move to Jess and Rob Westergaard, who broke up three months after their post-season trip to Bali. Rob chalks it up to the relationship just “fizzling out.” However, Jessica claims there’s a lot of dirty laundry she’s not spilling, despite looking like the crazy, jealous one on camera. She calls Rob’s eleventh h0ur attempt to do the Atlantic crossing in the finale a “spiteful move.” (Which it probably was, even if it had been the healthier choice for both of them.) She also maintains that Aesha crossed a line in her friendship with Rob, but is that really worth re-hashing?

Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion Jessica More Rob Westergaard Aesha Scott

OK, fine, let’s re-hash. Rob describes his relationship with Aesha as a “brother/sister” one, which is when Jess drops a bombshell about a very dirty DM no one would ever send their sister. And in a surprising turn, Rob owns up to sending the message. Of course, Aesha can’t remember, and when she checks her Facebook messages, they’re full of “Robert has unsent this message” notifications. So it looks like someone was trying to do a little damage control before the reunion. Justice for Jess? Even while it seems Aesha was innocent in this whole ordeal? Hmm, maybe.


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The reunion ends with Andy asking the crew for their highs and lows of the season. Though interestingly, only Malia, Aesha and Alex get to respond as the credits roll. Maybe the others were cut for time. For me, my high was definitely a season full of Alex Radcliffe. My low? Probably having to document every one of Tom’s meltdowns for what seemed like a million episodes. But either way, I’ve loved escaping to the Med every week with you this season! The good news is that I’ll be picking up anchor on Below Deck with Captain Lee Rosbach, Eddie Lucas and a whole new crew starting Nov. 2. But until next time in the Med, my yachties!


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