Real Housewives Of New York Recap: The Big Apple Circus Takes Salem By Storm

Snooze. Bored. Those are two words that come to mind to describe this season of The Real Housewives of New York. It feels like nothing has happened this season. The only thing to note is the weekly educational lesson we get from Eboni K. Williams. These women are on a trip to Salem, and it feels like a dark spell has been cast on us. This isn’t the show we know and love. This is a shell of what it used to be. Something needs to happen to liven this season up.

Bershan Shaw has been a pleasant addition so far. It’s not enough though. Something needs to change because this is NOT it. Fans have turned on Leah McSweeney. People seemingly blame her for being part of the downfall. However, can this really be attributed to one person? Dropping Leah or firing long time cast member Ramona Singer is not the way to approach this. Maybe the Salem trip will take a turn and not feel like watching school on TV.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

The disastrous argument in the tattoo shop/restaurant continues. It’s going nowhere. Bershan encourages Eboni to know her audience when it comes to Ramona. Eboni doesn’t care about changing Ramona, but she wants to move forward authentically. It’s not going well. Ramona doesn’t want to be preached to. That’s not happening.

Ramona wants to talk about the matchmaker Sonja Morgan met with, but she won’t go there. Sonja wants to talk about the argument that just took place. I believe Sonja’s right. Eboni probably is a fun girl. The issue is she’s given the ladies no opportunity to see that side of her.

The white supremacy comment was a lot to take in, but I do get where Eboni’s coming from. The delivery is the issue though. The women don’t even want to engage with Eboni at this point. Every time they see her, it’s an educational sermon. Ramona running away shouldn’t be shocking because she’s OVER it.

There should be an open line of communication, but being on one speed is getting old. Eboni ONLY talks about this. She has one topic and she’s beating it to death with women who will never soak it in. Luann de Lesseps feels like Eboni set up a roadblock in their friendship by saying they’re aligned with white supremacy. That was a bold statement to make. Ramona might never get over that one.

Eboni has an announcement to make, but Leah breaks down before she can get it out. It must be something dark and depressing because Leah is TRIGGERED. Eboni’s grandmother passed away earlier that morning. Everyone’s in tears after she shares this heartbreaking news. They’ve experienced so much loss lately. Maybe these horrendous losses might be the thing that finally brings them together.

Ramona tells Eboni she believes she holds too much in. Eboni should’ve shared this with the group way before this dinner. She’s been holding it in the entire day. Sharing something deeply personal like that with the group might’ve helped bring them closer.

This is the side of Eboni they want to see. She’s so guarded, and this is something to give more insight into her. As depressing as it is, they can bond over shared loss or something. Anything has to be better than the current path they’re taking. It’s driving them women further away.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Eboni wants to honor her grandmother by getting a tattoo in her honor. Sonja refuses to “defame” her body by getting one, but Leah volunteers. They’re been a little bit intoxicated, so it might be a decision they regret down the road. Whatever makes them happy though is what they should do.

Sonja starts going off and judging people for getting tattoos. Bershan doesn’t appreciate that and calls it out, but Sonja is too drunk and delusional to speak to. I want to love Sonja unconditionally, but she is the last person who should judge someone else. Bershan shut her down so f**king fast. I’m sure the fight will erupt further when they get back to the hotel. You know Sonja’s stewing inside.

Eboni got her tattoo. If you can’t see the tattoo did you really get one? The meaning behind it is special though. It’s something I would definitely consider doing in the future myself.

Eboni says to Bershan she knows it’s getting annoying for the other women, so she can move on for now. FINALLY. The preaching is too much. These are real life issues that should be addresses and discussed. They’re absolutely important. There’s no taking away from that. However, there’s no additional depth to Eboni. So far this is all she’s shown herself capable of discussing with the group.

Sonja attempts to discuss the events from the previous night with Ramona. It’s pointless because Ramona does whatever she can to avoid talking about uncomfortable things. She’d rather have a full on discussion about Sonja’s eyebrows than talk about the fight with Eboni.

Sonja compares Ramona’s eyebrows to drag queens and makes a dig about it being like Luann. There’s something problematic about that.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Leah has a day filled with history lessons for the ladies. Is she not aware of how well they’re taking to being taught a lesson at every event? I think I’ve learned more American History this season than I did in all of the 10th grade.

None of the women want to dress up in the traditional colonizers uniforms, but Leah feels obligated. I get why Bershan and Eboni wouldn’t want to do it though. That time period was beyond oppressive to their ancestors, and they can’t support that. That’s a reason I can get behind. Luann & Ramona just don’t want to dress in stupid outfits. Priorities!

Leah & Eboni discuss the sadness of how Sonja’s stuck on the same sh**ty cycle. She’s obviously going through something, but it’s bothering them that she won’t admit it’s the drinking. Sonja blames her current state of affairs on everything except for the alcohol.

Those two should pull Sonja aside if they’re genuinely considered about her welfare. Gossiping about it to the side makes them the same as Ramona & Luann. Don’t whisper about her in the shadows. Take your concerns directly to her face, and try to help the woman!

Luann de Lesseps Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

The highlight of the episode so far has to be Sonja stepping in what appears to be poop from Ramona. Yup. You absolutely heard that right. I know this season has been s**ty so far, but this is next level. Ramona tried to play it off like spilled makeup. Girl, just own it. Own your s**t.

Bershan calls the women grandmas at dinner, and Sonja’s ready to freak the f**k out. She thinks they’re boring. Thank you Bershan for saying what we’ve all been thinking. Luann is also outraged by Bershan’s statement about them acting like grandmothers.

She’s not trying to be insensitive, but she’s calling it like she says it. This is supposed to be a girl’s trip, and they’ve been boring as hell so far. She tries telling a story, but Sonja cuts her off. Here we go!

Bershan did come in hot here, but she’s sick of the crap. She says Sonja can never act normal and acts like a clown. BUT NOW WE SAID IT. She can’t seem to ever go out and act like a dignified adult. Bershan is evidently NOT the one to play with like that. Miss her with all of that.

Everyone seems stunned Bershan lost it on Sonja like that, but are they really? Every event ends in Sonja slurring and talking about absolute nonsense. That gets old quick. I’d almost rather have Eboni’s preachy sessions than deal with a sloppy Sonja every night.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Leah & Luann don’t think Bershan knows Sonja long enough to say any of that. Ramona sticks up for Bershan and sides with her against Sonja at the table. How can you just throw away a friendship of that length for someone you just met? Luann’s DONE. I’ve never seen her so pissed like this about a squabble.

Ramona does admit Bershan’s being embarrassing and digging a grave. To detract attention from her, she gets on a table and acts like a fool. Wow, Ramona’s really going to bat for her new friend.

Eboni says she’s had too much to drink and tells everyone that people have been talking about Leah. Bershan won’t spit it out, so Leah’s finished with the conversation. Annoying.

Finally, Bershan throws her friend Ramona under the bus and reveals what she said A WEEK AGO. What the f**k? Why is Bershan bringing up something from a week ago and pretending it just happened? Bershan is being a messy boots at this dinner. I kind of appreciate her willingness to bring the season to life though.

I enjoy this a lot more than Leah screaming and freaking the f**k out on everyone. Bershan alienated like everyone in the entire group in one setting, but it was entertaining to watch. She should’ve thought it out a bit more though. There was no organization with her drama, and she was making it up as she went. I think her annoyance with Sonja is genuine though. Sonja is a lot for someone to take in if you don’t know her well.

Bershan comes back to the hotel and says she had too much to drink and apologizes. Leah doesn’t accept that as a legitimate excuse. Since when is that not a valid excuse in this group? Last season, I recall that being used A LOT to get out of fights from the previous night. HUGE double standard.

Bershan keeps making things worse for herself by calling Sonja a ho. She is really out to hurt the straw that stirs the drink, huh? Sonja walks away, but Bershan continues to call her out. Leah tries being outraged about people calling Sonja a ho, but didn’t she recently say that to EVERYONE? OKAY.



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