Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Seance And The City

Bershan Shaw took things to the next level on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York. She set her sighs on ALL of the women, and didn’t hold back. In particular, it was Sonja Morgan on the biggest receiving end of Bershan’s new attitude. She was called a clown and repeatedly mimicked by the New York newbie. This is already rubbing everyone the wrong way. Nobody knows Bershan like that to take this type verbal lashing from her.

Bershan’s walking a fine line because she’s risking getting iced out. These women don’t know her that well, and she’s already pissed them off. If she doesn’t back down a bit, they might do whatever they can to further alienate her. It was clear at the dinner she was just spewing whatever she could to get a reaction. Some of it was factual, but none of it landed the way she wanted. Now, she has a target on her back, and tensions are dangerously high.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Sonja refuses to be a doormat to Bershan. She doesn’t understand why Ramona Singer would bring someone like her into this group. Ramona should be reeling her in and squashing this, but she’s doing nothing. What’s Ramona thinking here?

Ramona tells Bershan that Sonja’s not as strong as the two of them. Who the fuck says that about one of their closest friends? Ramona should be going out of her way to have Sonja’s back. Instead, she’s blindly siding with Bershan here. The only thing she’s saying that makes sense is that it doesn’t make sense for Bershan to do this. She barely knows Sonja.

Eboni K. Williams is finished with Bershan at this point. In fact, most of the women are. She came in far too hot at this dinner. By doing so, she’s already alienated herself.

Bershan considers herself to be a fresh pair of eyes within the group. She’s able to view things from an entirely new perspective. Maybe she’s right?

Leah McSweeney calls everyone that next morning about how Sonja & Bershan got into a physical altercation the night before. Alcohol was freely flowing between the two of them. Bershan kept cutting Sonja off and things continued to escalate. Leah was forced to get into the middle and her new nose was almost damaged. Holy hell!

Security had to pull Sonja & Bershan away from each other. However, Sonja smashed the entire glass covering the fire extinguisher. Leah’s placing most of the blame on Bershan for getting involved in business she doesn’t understand. I can’t believe things escalated to such a dark level so quickly. This is a side of Sonja, we’ve never witnessed before.

Luann de Lesseps is worried about Sonja because there’s no excuse for that type of behavior. Ramona’s shook by the news about the fight from the night before. I don’t think this is the way she ever saw this going down. Even if she is being Team Bershan (in a way), she wouldn’t want this for Sonja.

Luann puts a lot of blame on Ramona for Bershan’s current trajectory in the group. She wants Ramona to fix the problem. Get your friend under control.

Leah discusses the idea of doing an intervention for Sonja. She gathers both Ramona & Luann to sit down with Sonja to breakthrough to her. Punching glass was the last straw for them with Sonja’s antics. Bershan played a role in riling Sonja up, but she’s not the core issue. This sort of sloppy behavior has been going on for many years on the show.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona asks Bershan what happened that led to so much chaos. Ramona tried to talk to Bershan the night before about pushing Sonja’s buttons the way she was. No matter what, Ramona’s nervous about the path Sonja’s on.

Bershan wants to apologize to the group for calling them grandmas. She didn’t mean anything about their age when she made that remark. However, she thought the group would be a lot like Ramona, but they weren’t. It wasn’t her intention to upset anyone, but that’s exactly what happened.

Leah’s going out of her way to spill this gossip to anyone who will listen. Eboni’s shocked at the mere thought of things devolving into an actual physical altercation. This has reached a new level of uncomfortable.

Leah’s also planning a seance for the women. They’ve all lost people close to them, so it’ll be fun to see who breaks through during the seance. Will it be the recently departed grandmothers of Leah & Eboni? SPOOKY SHIT.

Ramona & Sonja bump into Bershan in the hallway, and it’s AWKWARD AS ALL HELL. Sonja plans on just being herself and not reading too much into Bershan’s comments about her.

They agree to have a quiet ride because nobody has the energy to deal with this. It appears the conversation with Bershan & Sonja will have to wait. It’s also clear this isn’t the time or place for the planned Sonja intervention.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Before the ladies begin their meal, Bershan apologizes for a lack of boundaries. I don’t think she meant anything malicious about the grandma comment. First of all, the season’s been boring as hell, so she’s not wrong.

Sonja looks pissed while Bershan’s speaking. She feels like Bershan’s betrayed her because she opened up to her in a big way. Ramona tried to interject, but Sonja won’t have it. Good for Sonja for standing up for herself FINALLY.

The way Bershan mimicked Sonja hurt her to the core. In a smart move, Bershan apologizes for all of that and offers Sonja a hug. I hope she doesn’t come after Sonja again. That’s the last thing Sonja needs this season.

Sonja has no clue what’s around the corner though. Her closest friends are planning an intervention that could be taken the wrong way. It’s so easy for something to go wrong with this. They’re her safe space. This could come across as an unspeakable betrayal and insult from her perspective.

Later that night, Sonja orders an espresso martini. That’s the last thing she needs to be doing in the middle of this intervention. The women decide to pull her aside to make it happen before she gets too intoxicated. However, Sonja immediately notices Ramona taking her drink away from her. She knows something’s up.

Leah starts off the intervention by telling Sonja they all think the drinking is going to hurt her. At first it seems as if Sonja’s taking it very well. She explains to the ladies that the only time she lets loose like this is with them. According to Sonja, when she’s at home she doesn’t drink at all.

Sonja acknowledges what they’re saying, but it’s a little weird hearing it from THOSE three. Her safe place is evaporating before her eyes.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

The second the seance begins, a light falls off the ceiling. DAMN this is starting out great already. It seems like Leah’s grandmother’s trying to come through (it fails), but they called her conversation to Judaism. Spot on! Eboni’s grandmother also comes through, and the medium lady picks up on her death being only a few days ago. I HAVE THE CHILLS.

Eboni’s relieved after hearing about how her grandmother wants her to keep pushing. She’s grateful for this opportunity. Sonja’s father comes through and apologizes for not knowing what he was doing. It also comes up that he had a drinking problem while he was alive. The timing of this reveal could not be an crazier. This is a crucial moment for Sonja.

Luann says she can relate a lot more to Sonja knowing this about her father. Ramona didn’t have a clue either. That’s heartbreaking to hear. Sonja’s father says he’s mortified by what he did, but he’s not making excuses for herself. This is so sad to hear because it’s very eye opening about why she’s the way she is. His actions gave her so many abandonment issues with so many relationships with men down the road.

It also comes out that Sonja’s in therapy and needs all the help she can get. My heart breaks for Sonja, but this could be the breakthrough she needed. She’s going through so much behind closed doors. You can do this Sonja. We are all rooting for you.

Ramona’s brother comes through and a lot of unresolved issues are coming up. He was lost in life, and now he’s lost in death. Ramona breaks down to tears because she felt so responsible for him. He was a troubled soul, and there was nothing she could do to save him.


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