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Wendy Osefo Calls Mia Thornton “A Liar’ And “A Stripper;” Mia Says Wendy Is “Bothered”

I am loving Season 6 of Real Housewives of Potomac. The drama on this franchise is a refreshing change of pace. Of course, Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant are still fighting.

During Wendy Osefo’s “nude interlude” party, Wendy showed off her new assets. Literally. Wendy gifted herself a boob job. RHOP newbie Mia Thornton accompanied Karen to the event.

Wendy quizzed Mia about what procedures she had done. Mia recited a long list, including work on her butt and vagina. Wendy then announced that she also had a spanking new butt.

Mia told her co-stars that her husband is 38 years older than her, but then had trouble figuring out her own age. It’s called math, Mia. When Karen and Gizelle started arguing, Mia remarked that she felt that Gizelle had a “good heart.”

During the most recent RHOP episode, viewers learned that Mia and her husband met at a strip club, where Mia was a bartender. Wendy and Mia had a tiff when Wendy called out Mia for not showing loyalty to Karen. Defending Gizelle at the “nude interlude” party was strange, even though Mia later changed her mind about Gizelle’s behavior.

Their disagreement became so heated that Mia waved her hand close to Wendy’s face. Everyone holds on to your wigs—we can’t have physical altercations like last season again. Please.

Wendy’s disdain for Mia spilled over onto Twitter. On July 18, 2021, Wendy tweeted, “Girl, stop deflecting. I clocked you as a liar and a flip flopper from the moment I met you and you’ve been mad at me ever since.”


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In another tweet, Wendy wrote, “First you don’t know your age, then within 24 hours you go from her having a ‘good heart’ to ‘just a pretty face,’ then you say you’re a bartender when we all know you’re a stripper. So many lies… but go off sis,” she said. Welcome to “stripper-gate”—the RHOP edition.

A Twitter user posted, “Lmao Mia is so mad that Wendy clocked her shit #RHOP.” Wendy chimed in, “Big mad! #RHOP.”

But Wendy wasn’t done bashing Mia. She retweeted this tweet. “Wendy met her man in high school…Mia met her man in the strip club….STOP trying to say Wendy is intimidated like gurl the math ain’t mathing.”

Another user weighed in, and they were also Team Wendy. The fan tweeted, “Mia is giving jelly vibes to @WendyOsefo. You can tell she is a fan of the show and came in after Wendy.” I thought Wendy came for Mia during the “nude interlude” party.


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The follower added, “She can’t match Wendy’s mouth. This is going to be good. #RHOP @BravoTV.” Wendy replied by tweeting, “Chillleeee #RHOP.”

Naturally, Mia responded. “Whew. Chile. #bothered #much. Strippers have way more fun than Slithers. Just saying. (Natural Hair Flip),” she tweeted. Mia was referencing Karen making fun of Wendy’s  “slither” walk during Season 5.

Wendy then tweeted, “Always funny when they attempt to spin the narrative. Nah sis, my tweet pointed you out as a liar and flip flopper,” she stated. “NEVER shamed you. Be blessed.”

Mia posted a sexy photo of herself on Twitter. “The freedom to be YOURSELF is a gift only YOU can give yourself + once you do, NO ONE can take it away,” Mia wrote. “authenticallyme #wildandfree #Retired Since 2008.”

These two ladies are going to be bringing the drama all season, and I am here for it!


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