Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Love Potions And Waffle House Bathrooms

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Potomac are once again reigning supreme. They’re in their prime and delivering explosive season after season. They can’t do anything wrong. Things are already heating up on the sixth season of the franchise. Gizelle Bryant & Karen Huger are destined to be frenemies until the end of time. The level of vitriol between the pair is palpable.

Wendy Osefo underwent quite the second season glow up, and she is SERVING us. Her “nude interlude” on the premiere episode also introduced viewers to Mia Thornton. She’s already radiating messy and delusional vibes, so this should be good. She also serves as a genuine ally for Karen which The Grand Dame desperately needs. It’ll be interesting to see how she continues to vibe with the women. Who will she rub the wrong way first?

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

The fight between Gizelle & Karen continues on this new episode, and it’s getting so toxic. Karen throwing out random terms like “hot box” and “Sing Sing” feels desperate. It’s almost like she had nothing else to come at against Gizelle. It was quite the falsehood. There’s plenty of valid things about Gizelle to critique.

Ashley Darby just about choked on her water when Mia said Gizelle had a beautiful hearet. She speaks for all of us in that moment. Wendy’s already rubbed the wrong way by Mia. It’s a matter of time before they clash.

Karen’s coming to this dinner with a beef from like four years ago against Gizelle. Why was it buried for so long? Karen can’t be that desperate to be pulling that out now. Come with something a tad more recent.

Robyn Dixon doesn’t understand why Wendy is vehemently defending Karen at the dinner. They went to war last year, so it’s odd this is the direction of everything. Something’s not adding up.

Karen shades Robyn by implying her relationship and wedding isn’t real. In her defense, this has been the longest trip to make it back down the aisle ever. I’m sure Karen’s far from the only one that questions the validity of Juan Dixon & Robyn’s relationship.

Wendy shifts the focus back onto her body and admits she got her butt done. Mia thinks she waited to reveal that until after she owned up to it herself. Mia’s coming in hot as the newbie, but I don’t actually hate it.

Wendy doesn’t think Mia’s showing any loyalty to Karen. Yup, a collision course of drama between those two is on the horizon. Wendy & Mia are NOT going to start off the season in a good place. No f**king way.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

Mia’s already highly braggadocios, so hopefully there’s more depth to her. She has an adorable family which is already showcasing a new layer to her. People who thrive mostly off the drama need these solo scenes to somewhat balance their “character”. We need to see there’s more to her than being messy.

You have to commend Mia’s hustle though. She comes across like an entrepreneurial powerhouse. She’s working through balancing all areas of her life which seems like a common struggle. Many women out there can likely relate to the feeling of trying to juggle it all. It’s difficult to locate a balance.

Candiace Dillard Bassett is shooting a pilot for a new show being shopped around. You may not like her, but Candiace is remaining BOOKED & BUSY. She doesn’t have time to be afraid anymore. She’s hitting the ground running, and she’s going after her dreams.

The role Candiace is playing in the TV show is eerily similar to her current life circumstances. Playing a stepmother of a blended family is exactly like her current every day life. She’s doing all of this while working on school and finding time to record music. She wants the world. Luckily for Candiace, she seems to have the drive to accomplish everything.

Chris Bassett is working as her manager in many regards. They banter back and forth about each other’s mood swings, but the love is clearly there. Whatever he’s doing is working because she’s flourishing in her professional live these days.

Robyn Dixon Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley’s mother drops by her place and immediately asks about Michael Darby. They’ve come a long way since many seasons ago, but there HAS to be a level of distrust still present. The lack of sex in their marriage should make all of them weary Michael might stray.

Ashley & Michael are trying to keep their marriage a priority. Good for them. Ashley’s sex drive is there, but it’s not comfortable for her. They’re not having “sex sex”, but Ashley’s using other orifices to get the job done. Well damn. I have no additional reaction to that. Do you boo.

The green-eyed bandits link up at Gizelle’s new pad. It’s taken Gizelle two years to finish, but she’s still not in the full home. Why is she limited to the “West Wing”? I have so many questions. The worst part of it all is that god awful purple color of the living room area. Who in their right mind picked that color on purpose?

The inside of the home is ugly. The outside of the home is atrocious. It’s all a bad situation. Even her ride or die Robyn is shading it. It makes me want to vomit.

Gizelle admits Jamal Bryant is living in the phone. Justice for Karen! Gizelle’s actually out here blaming the pandemic on their failed attempt at a second shot. BULLS**T. Nobody believes this horse s**t right? It felt like a relationship of convenience from the jump. It never felt like a real love situation that had any lasting legs.

Gizelle calls to check on Candiace and fills her in on Wendy’s new body adjustments. Robyn picks up on Wendy not revealing she got her butt done until after Mia’s list of procedures. Maybe that’s exactly what happened. Mia’s had every nip and tuck under the sun, so she opened the door for everyone to spill their truth.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Karen & Ray Huger seem like they’re in a much better place in their marriage this season. Whatever struggles they encountered last seen appear to be overcome. Let’s hope it stays like that.

Karen thinks Gizelle’s taking out her issues with Jamal out on her. No way. No ma’am. You two have been fighting for years before they ever got back together. That’s a massive crock of s**t.

Love is in the air because Karen’s inviting all of the women to a love themed party. They’re encouraged to bring their men as well. She’s even extending an invitation to Candiace whom she’s in a murky place with. They’re not over as friends for life, but they’re on life support. A conversation needs to be had (away from the group) if any real healing is to get done.

It’s a family affair at Wendy’s home as her mother and siblings pop in for a visit. I love to hear more about her Nigerian heritage. The food is so intriguing, and I’d love to try it. Spicy foods are my favorite, and she says Nigerian food is rooted in spicy content.

Wendy’s mother might not be alright with a career change, but she’s loving her new girls. The new breasts get an A+ from her mother. In fact, she wants her own new pair of boobs after seeing her daughter’s.

Wendy’s making a big career shift with a new home essentials line. She hasn’t done any of the business side, but she’s picked out everything with the product. I guess she’s a big fanatic for candles, and she wants her family’s support. Her mom offers her support which does come as somewhat of a shock. Hopefully it’s a smashing success.

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Karen drops by Ashley’s in the middle of a call about her placenta. What a moment to walk in on. Karen’s entirely grossed out by the thought of it, but she knows Ashley needs it. Another moment where I have ZERO additional commentary.

She invites her to the love themed event at her house and says Michael’s invited as well. What a long way these two have come. She’s more open to hanging out with Michael than Gizelle. It’s A LOT.

Karen has no idea why she threw in “Sing Sing”, but it was mostly to lighten the mood. Despite the humor at the end of it, she’s throwing at quite the lot of harmful accusations. Worse of all is that she has nothing to back any of it up.

Poor Baby Dean was NOT a fan of Karen. The mere sight of her brought him to tears and longing for his mother. Well, damn. This poor child!

Candiace gets the invite, but she doesn’t want to move forward with someone who denies her pain. She thinks it could get awkward having that conversation at her home. She wants her feelings validated because it DID happen. If she can do that, maybe they’re going to be able to move forward. However, until then, the door looks more closed than open.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gizelle’s daughters are forever finding new and hilarious ways to drag her for filth. She tries giving them all dating advice. She’s the last person anyone should ever take dating advice from. Unless they want somehow who will live in their phone, don’t listen to her.

Mia’s the first to arrive to Karen’s love party which is a smart decision. Get your ally there quickly and come up with a battle plan. It’s what makes the most sense!

Wendy & Eddie Osefo arrive next, and the tension between her and Mia is off the charts. There’s a surface level fakeness present, but it won’t last. No way in hell because it’s SO TENSE already.

Karen’s elated at the chance to speak to and spend time with Candiace. After everything they’ve been through it’s quite the sign of good faith that Candiace is coming. No matter what, they’re both putting in the work. Good for them because real friends are hard to come by!

Candiace is hesitant about how she and Karen will be able to move forward. She feels stabbed in the back, and it’s going to take a lot to change that. Whether you agree with Candiace or not, her feelings are her feelings. You’ve labeled me the president of her fan club, so I figured I’d work for my title today.

Candiace invites Karen to her new house which is another good sign. They genuinely care about one another. The path toward healing is here!

Mia Thornton Real Housewives Of Potomac

Wendy calls out Mia for saying Gizelle has a big heart because now she’s saying the opposite. Mia’s completely going back on everything she said which makes no sense. She feels like Mia’s being fake because even if she did have a change of heart, she still took down Gizelle’s number. Where does Mia’s loyalty actually lie? Something’s off with her.

Wendy snaps at Mia and tells her she’s not going to come for her. Mia’s hand is fully in Wendy’s face, and she doesn’t give  a f**k. This love lunch is turning into a hate fest really quickly.

It didn’t take long for Wendy & Mia to get on bad terms. She feels like Wendy is threatened. No way! Why would Wendy be threatened by Mia who has been here for five seconds? There’s nothing to be threatened by.

The ladies and their husbands play a newlywed type of game, and it gets so weird. Mia and her husband had sex in a Waffle House bathroom. I’ll never look at breakfast foods the same way again. They’ve officially ruined my favorite meal of the day.

Mia also reveals they met at a strip club which to Ashley explains everything. The party was revealing, but it would’ve been great if ALL of the women came. FULL GROUP EVENTS SHOULD BE REQUIRED.


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