Lala Kent Denies That Randall Emmett Just Gives Her Roles In His Movies

Vanderpump Rules stars and “power couple” Lala Kent and Randall Emmett are one of my least favorite couples on TV. Right behind Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. Although I guess we can’t count them anymore since they aren’t technically on TV now. Here’s where I insert my smile emoji.

But love or hate Lala and Randall (I refuse to call him Rand), we are stuck with them for another season. But Randall is apparently busy doing other things outside of VPR, which Lala never fails to tell us. He’s in the movie biz, in case you didn’t hear her for the millionth time. So that means he’s busy making flops, some of which include Lala herself.

But Lala claims that’s no thanks to Randall. What, you ask? Yes, Lala claims that all the opportunities she’s had in her movies aren’t because Randall gives her the parts. She spoke with Entertainment Tonight to set the record straight about their, erm, professional relationship.

Lala said of how people perceive her being handed roles, “I would think the same thing. If I were an outsider, I’d be like, ‘Well, how easy is this? She just gets to be put in every film.’ For people who don’t understand, I have to be approved by the studio before I’m in any of Randall’s films. When I first acted in one of Randall’s films, which was opposite Bruce Willis, I then had proven myself to go on to being okayed for other roles like this.” Sure, hon. Is anyone buying this?

She continued by name dropping, “When it came to Al Pacino, not only did the studio have to approve me, but Al Pacino had to approve me, as well. It wasn’t just handed to me.” This was regarding her role in the movie Axis Sally. 


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Lala admitted, “It’s almost more intimidating and a different kind of rejection because if I say to Randall, ‘I really want this part,’ and then I don’t get it, it’s like, ‘You couldn’t fight hard enough for me?’ But it just goes so far beyond Randall. I wish it was that easy because then I feel like I would be in a lot more. Like the Al Pacino film, I had to audition for the Bruce Willis film. I had proven myself and I feel very proud of that.”

On top of that, Lala is fine facing people questioning her credibility as an actress. She noted, “I don’t feel like I get taken seriously at really anything that I try to break into, and I’m OK with that. I knew the second that I signed on for Vanderpump Rules that I would put myself into a box. I knew that it would bring a lot of opportunity, but I knew that it would also be really hard for me to break out of the box.”

But unfortunately for us, that’s not going to slow her down. She revealed, “My hope is just that people watch anything that I’m in as far as films.” And then added, she’s “been working on this craft since I was 12 years old.” Me snorting at “craft”.


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Lala concluded, “I didn’t move to L.A. to be on Vanderpump Rules. I moved to L.A. to be an actress. No matter what the feedback is, I will continue to work on that craft and try my best to give a great performance.”

Well, I guess I can’t fault the gal for trying. And if the movie biz doesn’t work out, she can always continue her performances on VPR, right?


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]