Real Housewives Fans Side With Bershan Shaw After Eboni K. Williams Excludes Bershan From An Event In Front Of The Other Women On Camera

To put it nicely, last week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York was par for the course for this season. I think in sports they call this a rebuilding year? While fans adjust to Leah McSweeney’s second season and Eboni K. Williams’ first, things have gotten a little rough for the franchise.

The exit of Dorinda Medley from RHONY essentially left the remaining cast without a train-wreck to enrapture viewers week after week. So far, no one seems willing to fill that role. Rather than bring something personal to the table, or answer some fans’ calls for drunken mishaps, tenured Ramona Singer has resorted to bringing her friend, Bershan Shaw on camera.

Bershan brought us all our first taste of some actual petty drama this season when she called all the women grandmothers. Where’s the lie though? Bershan seemed to clash almost instantly with Eboni too. Especially when they discussed how to address their elder-white-women on topics like DJT and the 2020 election. For the most part, Eboni and Bershan have handled their differences on camera openly and directly. That is, until Eboni invited everyone except Bershan to her upcoming Black Shabbat event.

Not only did Eboni invite everyone IN FRONT of Bershan, she followed up her non-invite with some pretty poor excuses. First she blamed the COVID-19 restrictions around the event. Totally valid. Why did she keep talking? Eboni then explained that the reason she didn’t invite Bershan was because she wasn’t one of the Black women she has already been to Israel with. Um….okay?

I still can’t believe the “classy countess” Luann de Lesseps stood back and watched that mess go down. Meanwhile, fans of RHONY were quick to call out the faux pas on Twitter. One fan pointed out, “How do you not invite the only other black woman in the group to “Black Shabbat”” But really.


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Comments didn’t stop there. Someone mentioned, “Not inviting Bershan was just mean spirited.” Another viewer commented, “Wow the cold shoulder Eboni did to Bershan really didn’t sit well with me, that felt very mean girl” Same here. I just can’t understand why any of this needed to happen right in front of the only uninvited friend-of.

Luckily, Bershan made it very clear in her confessional she was happy to miss out on the Black Shabbat. Bershan referenced the educational style dinner Eboni had thrown for her last hosted event. You know, the one where she tried to make historical figures a captivating topic on RHONY. If anything, I would have thought Eboni may ask for some help in developing her rebound dinner. But alas.


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Fans seemed to agree. One tweeted, “Why is Eboni….. trying to exclude Bershan? Whattt??” Someone else asked, “Sorry but the way Eboni is treating Bershan is just another off putting trait of hers, please let her be a one season wonder, girl BYE”

And as always, the harshest for last. One viewer said, “Ok I don’t want Eboni back she’s treating Bershan like crap. Why bravo gave her an apple and not bershan is beyond me.” Okay, but follow-up question. How are the other women earning their apples this season? Will this finally be the tipping point for season 13?


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