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Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Deck The Halls With Legal Drama

Thankfully the Real Housewives of New York are out of Salem and back in the city. It wasn’t doing it for anyone, and they need to be back where they belong. There’s still time to kick this dreadful season into a higher gear. So much of the season has centered about Eboni K. Williams and her tendency to shift the conversation in a political direction. However, the blame can not be placed on any ONE person. That includes Leah McSweeney

A major talking point throughout the Salem trip was Sonja Morgan and her drinking. The women seemed to have gotten through to her, but time will tell if anything actually permeated. It’s a bizarre group to have lecture anyone about alcohol though. None of them really have room to talk or judge. It would be nice though if Sonja could find herself on a path rooted in healthier decisions.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

It’s Ramona Singer’s birthday, so naturally Luann de Lesseps invites her over for some snacks. What a long way these two women have come over the years. Luann hosting Ramona’s birthday party is not something I would’ve predicted over a decade ago. Hell really can freeze over!

Luann wants to include Sonja in the birthday party. How is Ramona going to feel about being forced to split the spotlight? She’s taking it well for now, but we shall see.

Sonja needs it though. Sonja needs some uplifting. Every time we see her, she’s being put down or on some sort of a downward spiral. Any positive energy for Sonja is welcome at this stage in the game.

Ramona’s glad they had the intervention for Sonja, but the seance made it worse. She’s afraid Sonja will follow her brother’s footsteps and take things too far. This man DIED. That’s quite the statement to make. Could Sonja really be that far gone?

Across town, Eboni inquires about Sonja’s parents and about their dynamic. Things weren’t great and send Sonja on the course she’s on right now. She uses humor and comedy to laugh away the pain. Underneath it all, this is a lonely and broken women. She needs to be lifted up and shown that she’s worth something.

The training in the boxing ring is helping Sonja find her voice. Her delivery could be better when standing up for herself, but it’s a start. Her “friends” of so many years don’t seem to have her best interest in mind.

Eboni tells Sonja about some mysterious news in her own personal life. She might have a long lost sister stemming from her father. This is HUGE. With the recent loss of her grandmother, it might be nice to welcome a new addition to the family.

Luann’s recording a Christmas song and wants all of the women to record a part in it. Ramona attempting to sing is something I would pay the largest amounts of cash money coin to see. I’m not worthy of witnessing it for free on television. This is a gift from the reality television gods.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

Eboni receives a call from her “potential” sister, and she’s STUNNING. There has always been rumors circulating about Eboni’s family. This is another one of those scandals, but they might have concrete proof.

However, it’s heartbreaking to her about their lack of relationship with their possible father. It was always awkward before he passed away. The loss of his life did not have any sort of profound impact on their lives.

They’ve both been through so much in their lives because of their abandonment and trust issues. What their possible father did to them set the tone for the rest of their lives. It’s made any future relationships with men seemingly impossible to maintain.

Luann throwing this party for Ramona of all people still has me thrown for a loop. Leah wants all of her legal bases covered before recording the Christmas track. She’s asking Luann the tough questions about contracts and all of that legal jargon. Luann’s not even thinking of that which hopefully doesn’t force her to halt her plans.

Luann & Garth Wakeford are on a break! Luann’s bad luck streak with men continues. Nobody thought this would really be the end all be all for Luann’s romantic life. It was a cute summer fling that fizzled as fast as it began. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona’s the first of the group that will be recording her part of this song. Give it to me. Give it to me now. Ramona singing a Christmas song is the greatest gift Cabaret Santa could ever give me. I’m a lucky man.

Ramona’s at least self aware enough to understand she can’t sing. She’s trying to do something nice for charity, but her voice is NOT it. She’s trying her hardest to come through for Luann. Never give up Singer.

Sonja arrives next, and her energy remains so light and pure. There’s not a bad bone in this woman’s body. I know Luann is the show biz superstar, but Sonja has IT. You can’t help but be drawn in by her antics and want to see more. It’s a train wreck, but it’s sexy and fun, so you can’t help but stare.

Leah’s thrilled to be there for Luann, but she can’t help how nervous she is about this. The lack of legal answers regarding the recording are causing quite the rift between these two. I feel like I’m watching the Heat & Snow Miser duke it out in the year without a Santa Clause.

Luann’s getting pissed at Leah for asking questions to the music producers. It’s making Leah uncomfortable the more Luann lashes out at her. It actually makes sense for Leah to inquire and ask these questions. Nobody wants to get sued. There are so many people out there getting accused of stealing people’s songs. The last thing she wants to contend with is something like that falling back on her.

Bershan Shaw Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Bershan Shaw’s the first guest to show up to Ramona & Sonja’s birthday party. This is the opportunity at a do over for her. She got off on the wrong foot with everyone in Salem, so now she can make up for it.

Sonja tells the party planner she won’t be able to drink everyone the other women. She doesn’t want to deal with the judgement. Couldn’t she try to partake in moderation? There’s nothing that says she MUST get blackout drunk.

Leah’s already forgiven Bershan for everything because not doing so would make her a hypocrite. Everyone let her get a free pass when she almost set Ramona’s property on fire. Everyone’s vibing so much better at this party already. Hopefully it can last.

WHY IS THE NUDE MODEL FROM THE PAINTING DAY AT THE PARTY? Is he a social climber? Is she going to strip nude for everyone at the party? Someone give some answers!

A random guy shows up at the party, but Ramona won’t say where she knows him from. All she tells the girls is she met him through “people”. That’s the vaguest fucking introduction of all time. So many men are filling up the party, but it’s the oddest array of guys ever. Some of them are Sonja young which is right up her alley.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

The strippers are doing their thang at this birthday party, and there’s no room for complaining. Even Ramona’s somewhat enjoying herself. She’s trying to pretend like she’s not into these men’s gyrations, but we see you. Admiring from afar is better than her shutting shit down. This is a step in the right direction.

Luann announces all of the women can start drinking, but Sonja questions if she actually can. Do you girl! Do what you want. If you think you can do this in moderation and not cross the line, then let loose. You don’t owe anyone an explanation about a damn thing.

Eboni invites everyone to a Black Jewish dinner. Ramona’s confused because this group will be the only white women in attendance. She doesn’t want to get into all of this at her own birthday party. Ramona runs away from everything, so it wouldn’t shock me if she no-shows the entire event.

HOW AWKWARD IS IT THAT EBONI ISN’T ALLOWING BERSHAN TO COME? She’s not the type of Black person that she’s okay with having present for it. Alright then.

Luann lashes out at Leah for talking about lawyers in her apartment. It’s not THAT weird to want to have all of your bases covered. However, this is starting to look like it’s just about Leah wanting money. She wants to cash in on whatever success this makes.

Luann warns Leah not to overstep her boundaries. Once again Leah brings up her attorney and the advice she was given about doing this song. Why is Leah acting so fucking thirsty about the idea of money stemming from this song? Isn’t the entire point of the song supposed to be raising money for charity? What kind of trash reaction is Leah having here? Cut her out of the song and explain to the charity why Leah couldn’t stop herself from being selfish.

Luann’s upset because Leah’s talking behind her back at the party about nonexistent legal issues. Despite all of the chaos about the Christmas song, Leah still came through with the cake. She made sure to continue her shock jocking ways and gifted a penis and vagina cake. STOP TRYING SO HARD TO BE EDGY.


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