Bershan Shaw Clicked With Sonja Morgan And Ramona Singer The Most; Says She Takes Investment Advice From Sonja

Eboni K. Williams was the first Black woman to join Real Housewives of New York. Since joining, Eboni has tried to educate her co-stars about Black history and the racial issues that exist today.

Ramona Singer offended her RHONY co-star Eboni when she called the people working for her “the help.” Eboni explained why it was an issue, and Ramona apologized. It almost seemed sincere.

Bershan Shaw was added to the RHONY cast in March of 2021. She posted on Instagram, “It’s exciting and invigorating and the women on the show are truly amazing with great stories.” She added, “We are funny, crazy, interesting, shocking, dope, diverse and warriors.”

Leah McSweeney, Luann de Lesseps, and Sonja Morgan engaged in some gossip behind Ramona’s back. I, for one, am shocked by this behavior. When Ramona posted photos with Eboni and Bershan to Instagram they accused her of posting the photos so that her followers would see her with Black women.

Bershan, who is besties with Ramona, defended her. “I don’t know where any of that comes from that she doesn’t have any Black friends,” Bershan commented. “I mean, and that she’s a racist. She’s not a racist. Come on, you guys.” Eboni hosted a dinner party in Harlem, and Bershan annoyed the attorney by saying that everyone, no matter their race, is the same. It’s pretty obvious that Bershan and Eboni approach life differently. Cue the drama!

During the most recent episode, the New York ladies headed off to Salem, Massachusetts. I’m sure they will have a witchy, and bitchy, time. Ramona was going to ditch the group at dinner, but Bershan convinced her to stay. Bershan even told Eboni that she was too preachy. In the RHONY preview, Bershan continued to speak her truth and told her co-stars that their squad is “a little bit boring” and they act like “grandmas.” Well said, Bershan. So far Bershan seems fun-loving and open. It is amazing that she is a breast cancer survivor, and how it has changed her life.

During an interview with Page Six, Bershan sounded off on her co-stars. “I click with probably Ramona [Singer] and Sonja [Morgan]. I love Ramona; she’s a straight shooter, I’m a straight shooter,” the motivational speaker explained.


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“I’m in your face, Ramona’s bold. Some may hate us, some may love us, but I can only be authentic and real,” Bershan stated.

Bershan also enjoys hanging out with Sonja. “And Sonja is just fun. And I’m so like, loud, big, fun, over the top. So, we get along,” Bershan shared.

She continued, “And, you know, I had some bumps in the road with some other girls. But the good stuff, [is that] you know, in the end … you’re different and then you learn [from] each other more.”

Bershan is a “multipreneur,” which is a term that Bershan’s father came up with. She is successful, but often turns to Sonja, who has her own clothing line, for advice. I hope they aren’t talking about toaster ovens.


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“I definitely text Sonja. Sonja and I talk about business and stocks and stuff like that,” Bershan remarked. “She’s like, ‘Alright, you need to invest in this.’ I’m like, ‘Alright, look at that.’”


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