Eboni K. Williams Claps Back After Misleading Reports That Her Law License Was Suspended In North Carolina

Breaking: Real Housewives of New York is painfully boring this year. Oh, you already heard? Great! You and everyone else who tunes into Bravo. What’s that? You blame the two newest Housewives exclusively? Riveting. Can you repeat that at least 600 more times for me? That’d be swell.

Somehow, on a franchise where the women literally claim to be ageless, the two millenails are taking the blame for committing a heavy lift and derailing the entire series. How’s that for work ethic!? I’m still not even sure what Ramona SingerLuann de Lesseps, and Sonja Morgan are supposed to be bringing this year. That is, besides ongoing drunken spectacles, judgmental side-eye, and…poop? I mean, really. That’s it. But by all means, let’s throw this season’s flop onto the back of newest Housewife Eboni K. Williams who actually maintains a job/personality outside of the Bravo spotlight.

This year’s hottest trend in reality TV seems to be scoffing at actually watching reality on TV. Get yours while it’s hot! After welcoming the first Black Housewife to the RHONY screen in an actual pandemic, certain pockets of fans essentially melted down over having to watch BLM conversations a couple times. Go back and count how many times, I’ll wait. It wouldn’t take long. I promise it’s less than the number of literal shits we’ve endured. Definitely less than the number of incoherent rants Dorinda Medley served up weekly. And FOR SURE less than total time spent watching Ramona swivel dance for straight-up no one besides a camera. That table dancing gimmick we were just put though? C’mon. Are these meant to be our heroines of novel entertainment?

Page Six seemingly jumped on the latest trend in monotony when they came for the newest Housewife Eboni recently. They posted an article with a title insinuating Eboni’s law license had been suspended for unpaid fees. Of course, the title and the actual content of the article were drastically mismatched. Apparently Eboni had told the site that she hadn’t “lived or practiced law in North Carolina since 2011” and “stopped paying the annual fees.” As a result, her license was suspended. It was administrative rather than punitive. THE HORROR!


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Following a post by Page Six featuring the story, Eboni took it upon herself to set the record straight. The post by the publication had a caption that read. “newcomer #EboniKWilliams’ North Carolina law license is suspended, Page Six has confirmed.” Eboni began her response with a firm, “Stop it. Do better @pagesix.” And we’re off!

Eboni’s retort to the misleading headline continued, “As you well know because we discussed it at length today….this is a NOTHING story bc my license is suspended (as are MANY non-practicing out of state attorneys) bc I have not practiced, nor have I claimed to have practiced law since 2011 in the state of NC.” When will this woman have to stop educating everyone on basic facts? Asking for a friend. No, not the one I ditched for thinking it was edgy to stop watching a TV show when racial diversity pops up.


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The Instagram account @realhousewivesfranchise posted a screenshot of Eboni’s entire comment. “This headline is CLEARLY trying to insinuate something salacious which would be scandalous if I was currently inactive and actually practicing law…which I’m not and have not done since I was in active standing over 10 years ago. It’s truly sad that in 2021 a so called ‘journalistic outlet’ is so desperate and thirsty to try and discredit an educated, accomplished, and God-Fearing Black woman that you souls make up this click-bait-ass headline to trigger your most fragile and bigoted part of your base,” she continued. Y’all snowflakes get that? Don’t go melting over some facts now!

Eboni wrapped up her comment saying, “Now for those who actually care about the facts…check out my recent IG Live…OR simplyGoogle “suspended bar license/inactive status” Non-practicing lawyers go inactive everyday.”

Any questions? If so, get on the Google-machine and leave Eboni out of it. Wouldn’t want her to get “preachy” now, would we?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]