Heather Dubrow Denies Faking Storyline About Her Son During Previous Season On Real Housewives Of Orange County

Out with the old and in with the…old, I guess. After excusing Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke from the Real Housewives of Orange County screen, fans are getting ready to welcome back Heather Dubrow. Heather is best known for being married to highly successful plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, defending cake-bows everywhere, and essentially just “bringing it” whenever necessary.

Heather, a mother of four, had storylines revolving around her family-life often. Terry even scored his own reality show after tagging along to all of Heathers on-camera events for RHOC. These two really milked reality fame in an otherwise unchartered way. Their style on the show led some to question whether or not their reality was really “real”, or just put on for the notoriety.

An old clip of Heather taking a phone call from her son while in a heated situation with former cast-mate Tamra Judge has been circling the Twitter-sphere lately. In the clip fans see Heather defending herself to Tamra saying she is a supportive friend. Her evidence? Having attended Tamra and Eddie Judge’s gym opening event! Ah. Simpler times.

Tamra gets fed up with Heather and eventually walks away from the conversation, leaving Heather to defend herself to the remaining Housewives. That’s when she receives a perfectly timed phone call from her son, Nicolas. When she picks up the phone Heather immediately asks her son how his stomach is. She then passes the call to Dr. Terry to ensure Nicolas “doesn’t have appendicitis.” The call completely derails the scene away from any Tamra/Heather drama.

If you’re reading that and thinking, “Sure, Jan”, you aren’t the only one. Vicki Gunvalson called out the moment in her confessional saying Heather’s phone didn’t light up when the call supposedly came through. Pretty tough coming from the woman who faked an entire cancer journey. More recently, the clip has circled back to Heather herself. Heather has taken the opportunity to address whether this was a fake call or a real moment.


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Heather tweeted the clip and wrote, “Yes, it was a real call , and yes the screen lit up. Also, my poor son is still dealing with his stomach issues and gastro paresis. Ridiculous… no one ever fakes a kids illness. Bad karma” Fair enough.

Fans reacted to Heather’s claims saying, “Honestly, especially after what y’all went through in later seasons. Why would they think you’re faking an illness or your kids?” Another tweeted in defense of Heather’s phone lighting up. They said, “Exactly what I was thinking. It lit up the right side of your face. Phones are designed for the screen to go dark when we are on them so our faces don’t hit the buttons. There’s a sensor! Ridiculous. I miss you on the show!! #TeamHeatherDubrow”

RHOC is in some serious need of actual drama and intrigue this next season. Let’s hope Heather is to the rescue and we won’t be put through anymore fake gimmicks as filler!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]