Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Mrs. Darby’s Bag Of Bones

Everything’s about to explode on The Real Housewives of Potomac. Thank you Ashley Darby for bringing the mess to Virginia. She JUST delivered an entire human out of her, but she’s still popping in. We love a dedicated bone carrier.

Gizelle Bryant shouldn’t be talking about the Eddie Osefo rumors, but she understands the assignment. This is the type of drama she gets paid to create. Whether it’s ethical or not, is not for me to decide. However, love her or hate her, Gizelle gets the job done. Period.

It’s so messed up that Askale Davis, Wendy Osefo, & Karen Huger are banished to that damn cottage. Its just not right. What made Candiace Dillard Bassett isolate those three specifically? It’s suspect.

Mia Thornton’s playing every side of the fence so far this season. Why is she spilling what Karen’s telling her privately to the green-eyed bandits? She’s way too wishy washy already.

Wendy refuses to scale back her image based on Gizelle’s opinion of her. I think it’s great she’s remaining confident in the face of constant scrutinize. We all know however this is simply the calm before the storm.

Gizelle & Robyn Dixon step away from the group to have a private conversation. Before we get those details, Karen expresses her concern with Gizelle’s comments about Candiace’s marriage. Candiace isn’t rocked by the badgering about she and Chris Bassett. She’s staying in her lane and on her way to music superstardom.

Gizelle wants Robyn to see the good in herself. She’s winning in life. Robyn understands that on an intellectual level, but she’s second guessing herself. Gizelle’s not taking that as answer though. She knows there’s more Robyn can offer in the world. She’s also concerned how this might affect her engagement to Juan Dixon. There’s a lot at stake if Robyn continues down this path.

Robyn’s scared of climbing higher in her career because the fall would be even greater. I know exactly where she’s coming from. I run my own digital media network and with every new subscriber, I get more anxiety. The pressure to always excel grows with every step up the professional level.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Karen isn’t stepping foot in the water for Gizelle’s aerobics lesson. She doesn’t trust Gizelle in that environment. That’s a massive amount of animosity creeping between the two of them right now. It’s for the best that Karen’s deciding to avoid getting her hair way and the impulse to drown Gizelle.

Wendy on the other hand is giving Happy & Ness their first pool tryout. There’s no sinking for the professor honey. She’s floating all damn day thanks to her new assets. Well worth the coin they must’ve cost.

While everyone’s in the pool, Ashley makes her grand arrival. She may have just had a baby, but she’s ready for her Corona. Karen’s taking this quiet moment alone with Ashley to give the rundown about Gizelle’s actions. At least Ashley’s smart enough to understand the way Karen exaggerates when it comes to G. She’s not going to take what The Grand Dame’s saying at face value. This ain’t her first rodeo with these women.

Karen needs something else to talk about besides Gizelle. Granted, Gizelle was bashing everyone at the dinner table. That’s valid, but it’s ALL she talks about.

Gizelle reiterates her confusion regarding Wendy’s wild transformation to Ashley. Also, one again Gizelle’s bringing up the rumors about Eddie. Ashley’s doing her best to play every side of this because she’s not denying the change in Wendy. Everyone can see it. The real question is why Gizelle’s so pressed about what’s going on in Wendy’s life. Is it to distract and deflect from her own constant state of misery in her love life?

Wendy Osefo Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

At lunch Gizelle asks Wendy if they’re still good. Spoiler alert, they are NOT. Making comments about Wendy having a lack of substance has her all f**ked up.

Wendy & Karen’s friendship is so fake. This is such a friendship formed out of convenience because of common enemies. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s easy for everyone to see that.

Wendy has it wrong because nobody actually cares that she got new titties. That’s not even remotely the issue in the grand scheme of things. What has everyone baffled beyond belief is the jarring shift in her personality. She’s nothing like the person we met last season. It’s a weird adjustment to absorb.

Candiace can’t fathom why everyone is making a huge deal about Wendy. There’s no reason to make a spectacle about everything. I agree with that, but only to an extent. Their job is to always speak their minds and give their opinions. That’s all they’re doing. Let them live.

Gizelle accuses Wendy of talking to the women like they’re in a CNN debate. I don’t think that’s the case at all. Wendy should be able to defend herself in the face of mass criticism. Gizelle can’t expect Wendy to sit there and smile while she gives a rundown of her critiques.

Mia chimes in to give her opinion of Wendy, but Wendy brings up their past together. She also gives reference to Mia’s past as a stripper as well. Mia is back to saying she was never a stripper. Oh okay. I actually can’t with her. I’m trying hard to give her a fair shake this season, but she never makes sense. Vomit. Not the best addition.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gizelle & Ashley decide to have Ash be the one to bring up the rumors to Wendy. Things are not good between Gizelle & Wendy right now, so that would just fan the flame. Nobody’s going to attack the new mom, so let’s throw her into the lion’s den.

Thankfully it’s time for the whiskey tasting, so the group can finally let loose. Everyone can focus on getting pumped full of alcohol and let their issues go. That’s the plan at least. However, we all have seen this song and dance far too many times to believe that. This is the perfect setup for a chaotic night of drama.

The man from the distillery warns the women to sip the whiskey, but Robyn’s throwing them back. Everyone’s on their second sip, and she’s already finished all four of her selections. Listen, she’s going through some shit right now. Let her get lit and forget about her inability to get her kids up for school.

Before she leaves, Ashley pulls Wendy outside to finally drop the bomb about the rumors. We know how this is going to end, but it doesn’t lessen the anticipation. FINALLY.

Ashley’s hoping this will bring her and Wendy closer together. I’m not sure about that, but Wendy’s reaction to hearing the rumors says a lot. Wendy finds it laughable Ashley is bringing these rumors to her. This isn’t Ashley attacking Wendy’s marriage in any capacity. Gizelle? Maybe. Ashley however appears to be coming from a somewhat decent ish place.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

Wendy comes back in the house to tell everyone about what Ashley just told her. Wendy is looking directly at Gizelle to put her on notice because she won’t let her play with Eddie’s name. Gizelle doesn’t give a damn what anyone’s saying because she’s probably low key proud about it.

Robyn’s pissed because she doesn’t know what’s going on. Wendy tells her she wants a moment so bad and to go fuck herself. Robyn makes some explicit gestures and is honestly way too drunk to have a coherent fight. She tries so hard to be in Gizelle’s corner, but it backfires every single time.

Wendy tells Gizelle she sees her for everything everyone ever said she was. She says even God is ashamed of Gizelle. He is paying her back for all the bad things she’s done. Not bringing the whole entire Lord into this. If God is finished with Gizelle, where does she go from here?

Wendy’s constantly bringing up how terrible of a husband Jamal Bryant was. She’s not holding anything back in this moment. Well, Ashley’s work here is done, so it’s time to return home to her children.

Candiace follows Ashley into the kitchen to confront her about bringing it up. She doesn’t understand why Ashley would bring something from a blog into the show. However, Ashley makes a claim that Candiace is the culprit of the rumors in the blogs. These two will never ever get along. They find a way to pick at each other over everything.

Wendy claims she wouldn’t have the same reaction if Gizelle would come to her directly. That’s probably not true. Gizelle shouldn’t be talking about these baseless rumors. Where there’s smoke there’s fire though, and Wendy’s reaction told everything we needed to know.


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