Askale Davis Fans Out Over Nicki Minaj After Nicki Shades Her Facial Expressions On Real Housewives Of Potomac

To the shock of absolutely no one, the ladies of the Real Housewives of Potomac are bringing their A-game this season. Not so Zen Wendy Osefo and her “happy & ness” are not playing with Gizelle Bryant’s shady behavior anymore. Gizelle and Karen Huger are fighting, as always. And during this week’s episode, Ashley Darby brought out her messy boots to start drama on Candiace Dillard’s girls’ trip. No wonder Nicki Minaj is having her agent work overtime to steal Andy Cohen’s reunion seat.

It really seems like Nicki has a real shot at hosting the reunion. It’s the only thing the Grande Dame and Gizzy can agree on these days. Especially after last year’s reunion, Andy probably is glad to get out of the RHOP hot seat. The best part is that Nicki is truly a fan of the show and will ask the questions we all want to know the answers to.

The rapper is clearly caught up this season as she took to her Instagram Story to post her opinion about the new friend-of Askale Davis. We know Askale has been receiving heat from fellow newbie Mia Thornton, but Miss Minaj also has her opinions. Nicki wrote, “7 episodes in & this face is all we’ve gotten from Askale in every scene: *mouth open in shock emoji.*” She’s not wrong.


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But Askale was UNBOTHERED by the diss as she was just excited that Nicki took the time to post about her. She reposted a screenshot of the post to her page, writing, “My face when I saw this” with the same emoji and “Love you, Queen! @nickiminaj.” I’d have an Askale shocked face too if Nicki knew my name

Robyn Dixon and Miss CandeeGal both commented with crying laughing emojis. And Candiace also wrote “A messsssss.” Additionally, a fan felt the excitement for Askale writing, “Shoot! Nicki can tag me and say I had a booger in my nose and I’ll be happy.” Askale felt the same, “Chilllleeee, like a child on Christmas!” I love this for her.


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Askale also couldn’t skip out on letting her Twitter follows know of the news. She tweeted, “*sings to self* Nicki knows my name, Nicki knows my name.” Her new daily mantra. She also tweeted that the shoutout was “HUGE” for the show. “She has 150+ million followers on IG & mentioned me & the show. @BravoTV & I couldn’t pay for that marketing ad if we wanted to,” she wrote. Girl, you got that right. I need Nicki to go on Instagram Live every Sunday night so we can watch RHOP along with her and hear all her shady commentary.


[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs]