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Askale Davis Calls Mia Thornton “Rude”; Mia Calls Askale “Delusional” And Disses Her For Being Part-Time On Real Housewives Of Potomac

Real Housewives of Potomac newbie Mia Thornton wasted no time getting right down to messy business. She started off with a contentious feud with Wendy Osefo that only escalates by the episode. Her allegiance with Karen Huger has led her to a rough patch with Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon. And her chaotic energy, in general, has polarized viewers a bit, even though that’s the exact energy that makes Potomac so good.

And during Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s PJ party at Ms. Dorothy’s house, Mia literally came in hot, coming at almost everyone including the new RHOP friend-of Askale Davis.

Askale got dragged into the mess when Robyn and Gizzy were duking it out with Mia at the party. Robyn’s friend tried to call Mia out, but Mia was quick to fire back at Askale and shade her for not owning any businesses. And everyone and their mother was complaining about Wendy bringing up her two degrees every 5 seconds. Yet, there’s no problem with Mia plugging her back cracking biz every time she’s on the screen. I digress.

Askale fired back at Mia’s shade, clarifying that she owes “several” businesses. What they are is still TBD, but props to Askale for not backing down. The newbies took the feud to Twitter during the episode, with Mia proving she should throw a master class at being shady for those who could use some coaching.

Askale started things off by tweeting, “Let’s not confuse direct with rude. That was VERY rude.” Mia wasn’t going to let that slide by and threw a very messy response back. “Nick try, ‘Friend’ — You were driving on the wrong side. I didn’t get to where I am today by being ‘Delusional’. Next Season, Roll with the Real Bosses, You’ll get more screen time. No shade. Love you tho!,” Mia tweeted. I feel like I could write an entire dissertation breaking down this tweet alone. Mia totalllly has La Dame energy which isn’t always a good thing, especially for a rookie.

A fan chimed in to back Mia in the feud, tweeting, “I was just going to say – Askale being invited and meeting the women first time and made sure to blab that Karen’s a heavy drinking – that was RUDE!!!!” Touche. Mia was living for her supporters, responding “That Part.”

And Mia didn’t let up. She even tweeted she “had time tonight” to bring the mess to Twitter. Another RHOP fan tweeted about the several businesses scene, commending Askale for her simple read. And Mia didn’t let it slide, tweeting “We haven’t heard of one.” To be fair, the chiropractic business isn’t as, let’s say, common knowledge as Mia thinks it is. It’s no SkinnyGirl or even Coto Insurance.

A fan also backed Mia and brought Robyn’s hat businesses into it. We know by now Mia is not above shading the other ladies’ business ventures, and here’s another example. The fan wrote, “She should’ve minded them businesses she claims she got then maybe she can stop working for Robyn.” OK, I’m giggling. Mia responded, “You know I thought it. Sis, you going to tell me you own several businesses but you have time to box some $20 hats Now, who’s delusional. OK. I’m done.” CUTTHROAT.

Askale then took to her own feed to defend herself and tap out after all Mia’s blows. “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as as the CEO,” one tweet read. And then she decided to “take the high route” and log off, probably to ice her wounds after all of Mia’s burns. Imma need Nicki Minaj to be the referee while these two duke it out at the RHOP reunion. There’s clearly some unfinished business.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]