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Real Housewives Of New York Recap: The One Where Basically Nothing Happens At All

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

This season of Real Housewives of New York City has felt like such a chore to watch. This is not the show we all put on a pedestal so many seasons ago. This is a sad sad version. Can it even be repaired at this point?

Leah McSweeney’s parents stop by for a visit, and they look great. I think the only person who likes Leah less than the fans is her own mother. There’s always a layer of contempt when these two interact.

Leah opens up about the difficulty of going through her Jewish conversion alone. Having someone to go through the process with would be a lot easier. This is a life altering decision, and she’s going it all on her own. That can’t be easy.

Brace yourself folks; Leah is writing a book. It’s an anti self help self help book. Make that make sense. She’s the last person who should give anyone advice about anything. Although if you need advice on getting naked and throwing tiki torches, she might be the right author.

Her family talks to her about losing years of her life because of her past lifestyle. Even if that’s true, she’s making a damn good name for herself these days. Jokes aside, you can’t deny her success. She’s out there making a name for herself. What are they doing? Not to shade her family, but she seems like by far the most professionally victorious.

Eboni K Williams Real Housewives Of New York

Eboni K. Williams’ advice to Ramona Singer about not putting pressure on herself is helping her with her real estate endeavors. Forget that though because SONJA MORGAN HAS COVID. NO NOT SONJA. NOT SONJARITA. She’s the one person I’d hate to ever see fall ill.

Ramona goes on about how she didn’t feel good, so she went to bed early. Today she’s awoken a new healthy woman. Congratulations Ramona. That doesn’t help Sonja one bit, but by all means make everything about yourself. Ramona does an outstanding job at always bringing the conversation back to being about her. It’s quite the art form.

We flash forward to four weeks, and Eboni’s reaching out to her birth father! She was able to find out who her father is and where she comes from. This is everything she ever wanted. I hope he likes long educational lectures because she always has one of those up her sleeve!

It feels like the producers are suddenly fast forwarding through the season. Nothing feels like it matters. It’s coming across like they’re trying to get through the season as quickly as possible. You have to wonder if the barrage of negative fan reaction is a factor here.

Ramona’s hosting a “Galentine’s” party for all of the women. Evidently Bershan Shaw’s going to be in attendance. She was one of the brighter spots this season, so it feels good to have her back. It didn’t seem like we’d ever see her again. For some reason it looked like she was being phased out.

Luann de Lesseps & Sonja Facetime following Sonja’s COVID quarantine. Sonja thinks she’s off the phone with Luann, so she goes on and on about how she talks shit about her. Make sure you’re off the phone with someone before you start flapping your gums.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

The ladies are going back to another trip in The Hampton’s. Why are we NEVER filming in the city this season. The pandemic has left this show as a shell of its former self. This isn’t the glorious city in the franchise like it once was. This is an embarrassment.

Luann tells Ramona that Sonja was wasted during their phone call. She’s going on about how Sonja was talking trash about her on the other end of the phone. Luann also seems to think she’s a good friend to Sonja. Hell no. Ramona & Luann have continuously treated Sonja like shit all season, and in the past. They are far from good friends to this girl. Leah & Eboni barely know her, and they’ve done a much better job at lifting her up.

Leah feels bad about the way she behaved the last time they went to Ramona’s. She was in a dark place because of her grandmother dying. Things went off the rails rather quickly. This is the perfect opportunity at a do-over for her to make up last time.

Luann came up with the idea to do an identity swap party with the women. Leah’s pretending to be Ramona for it, and she plans on making it about her COVID quirks. If she doesn’t scream “I don’t wear masks in the fucking ocean”, I’ll be disappointed.

Why can’t anyone on any of these shows take care of their own luggage? Are they THAT privileged? It’s kind of gross to watch actually. It’s not hard to do shit for yourself for a change.

Sonja apologizes to Ramona for the way she ripped into her at the Black Shabbat. She acknowledges it wasn’t okay to do. First of all, Ramona’s actions that night were arguable a lot worse than anything on Sonja’s end. It feels awkward for Sonja to be the one graveling at Ramona’s feet here. She also wants to offer her apologies to Luann.

IS THIS THE TWILIGHT ZONE NOW? Sonja’s regressing at a rapid pace before our very eyes. She doesn’t owe either of them a damn thing. They honestly had it coming after all the horrendous things they say behind her back. Shame on them for making her think she should be the own issuing apologies.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona provides the group with matching outfits for a fabulous night in. Surely there’s no way this will go left and end with drama. Right?

In some sad news, Sonja’s nursing home escapee date never checked on her during her bout with COVID-19. What a shame. Are we not shocked that this wasn’t the long lasting happily ever after for Sonja?

In the closet Luann confronts Sonja about what she heard about her while they were on the phone. Luann’s taking this and running with it so hard. There’s no reason to make Sonja feel worse than she already does. Given what we see on the show, Lu should be lucky Sonja doesn’t talk even more shit.

It’s beautiful to hear about how quickly Eboni’s newfound family is being so welcoming. It could’ve went to such a dark place, but luckily they’re loving her. This is the best possible scenario she could have possibly hoped for.

It’s game time!! Let’s pin the lips on Harry Dubin. The entire Upper East Side has probably felt those lips on their own, so this is highly appropriate. Ramona tries to act fake insulted about the ethics of this game, but nobody cares. It’s light and fun, and this group needs it.

In the middle of the game Harry calls Ramona! This is classic Ramona! She always pretends like she doesn’t fool around with any of these men. However, in the end she always gets caught!


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