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Stephanie Hollman Says She Would Diet To Stay As Small As Possible For Real Housewives Of Dallas

RIP to Real Housewives of Dallas. They went out the same way they came in. Trying to twist trash into class. Say what you will, but when Bravo actually has to make a statement, it’s getting bad. It was legit season after season with this one. I know we’re all going to miss the side storylines of charity for the sake of status and dildo tag but I think Dallas should just be let to lay. Gone and hopefully forgotten.

In the meantime, some of our fired retired Dallas women are embracing the newfound freedom that comes with being out of the spotlight. (If we can even call what RHOD offered “spotlight”). Stephanie Hollman, who was largely revered for being a former social worker, anti-honey-do-list advocate, and friend to ever-problematic Brandi Redmond, has come forward with her newest cause. Embracing who she is.

In a post to Instagram last week, Steph shared an unedited pic of herself. She captioned it, “This is me. This is the real me without extensions, makeup, filters or good lighting. It took many years for me to love this version of myself. The first year of filming housewives, my diet consisted of tuna fish and egg whites. Someone said that the camera adds 10 pounds so, along with the strict diet, I did cardio every day.” God I love when these women are actually REAL about what they’re going through. Who can’t commiserate with this type of pressure, even if on a much less national scale? (No pun intended).


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Stephanie revealed, “It terrified me that people would likely criticize my appearance. I knew my self esteem wasn’t high enough for too much of that. I decided to do anything necessary to stay as small and “perfect” as possible. Looking back, I realize that this was unhealthy. I love people and wanted to bring something light and fun to their lives. However, I took it to the extreme and allowed my value to rise or fall based on what the fans thought week to week.” Oof. That sound so tough.

We know the show was hard on Stephanie. Say what you will about the importance of keeping Brandi  as a friend, but she was Steph’s bestie. These two lost touch for a full year over drama from the show. We also saw Stephanie struggle with rationalizing her marriage to living-room-pool-guy Travis Hollman across almost every season. Mixed with the anxiety over her appearance on camera, it sounds like our girl Stephanie has been through it.

“If I perceived that I let myself or the fans down, it reminded me of my shortcomings and insecurities would surface. If I perceived that I had a good week, I was at peace and felt worthy. Isn’t it funny that so many of us put our value in the hands of others? We needlessly compare ourselves to those on Instagram, in magazines or on tv. They give the appearance of flawless perfection and have it all together but, we never really love and honor ourselves as we are.”


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Stephanie continued the honest moment and admitted, “At forty one years old, I periodically get botox and filler to help me maintain a youthful look. Additionally, I get yearly laser treatments. I have stretch marks on my butt from a growth spurt when I was twelve years old.” Okay pause, don’t we all? Can body neutrality enter the chat yet??

“I also have cellulite,” Stephanie continued, “and the skin of my stomach isn’t as tight as it use to be since having two amazing children. My lifetime experiences taught me to better accept the fact that I am a perfectly flawed human and I am ok with that.” You go girl.

For anyone out there finding themselves identifying with Stephanie’s “concerns” and “admissions”, you are definitely not alone. If you’re reading this, your body has kept you alive through a global pandemic, *that* relationship, and Gretchen Rossi’s performance of ‘Fever’ in Vegas with the Pussycat Dolls. You got this, babe.


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