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Travis Hollman Apologized For How He Treats Stephanie Hollman After Watching Real Housewives; Stephanie Says Watching The Show Has Helped Their Marriage

Stephanie Hollman has been a longtime housewives darling since the inception of Real Housewives of Dallas. We were introduced to her season one and she’s been enjoyable to watch ever since. She’s funny, quirky, thoughtful and enjoys a good fart joke. Despite being super rich, she also manages to be relatable. Stephanie has openly shared her mental health struggles in a in that so many can identify with. I guess money can’t buy you happiness after all.

Another thing that makes Stephanie so relatable is her experience with motherhood. She has talked about losing some of her identity in raising kids and feeling like she has no other purpose. As much as I would like to roll my eyes, I’m sure it’s not easy to be married to a very successful person and feel like you’re not bringing anything to the table. Sure, she’s raising their kids but she’s admitted openly that she wants more. What stay at home mom can’t relate to that?

So it’s no wonder that this season, Stephanie has decided to start doing something for herself while helping others. Using her background in social work, she’s starting a charity, with her husband, Travis Hollman’s sort of blessing. When she brought up her idea to him in a recent episode, he seemed less than supportive and trust me when I say fans took notice. I certainly did.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Stephanie addressed this and talked about how Travis has changed since watching himself on the show. Host Andy Cohen used a fan question to ask Stephanie if Travis has watched any of his behavior on the show and feels like he treats you rudely. Stephanie responded, “Actually yes, he’s been very very nice lately. The show is fantastic for my marriage.”


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Andy seemed shocked and wanted to know if Travis cringed seeing himself on recent episodes. Stephanie elaborated, “Yeah, like he apologizes. I want to say maybe the second episode where we were outside talking, ummm, he watched it. Actually, I sent it to him at work and then he came home and brought me some flowers and apologized.”

She continued, “So I think it’s good. I think it’s kind of a way that you can look at how you’re acting for both of us. Yeah.” Andy reminded her that she has come a long way since season one, when Travis famously made her a chore list of things to do around the house. Stephanie agreed, “Yes, absolutely. Thank god.”


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I have to admit, I didn’t love how Travis has been treating Stephanie either. So I’m glad to hear he’s taking inventory of how he behaves after watching the show. Because every spouse deserves to feel supported in their endeavors. I think we can all agree on that.


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