Stephanie Hollman Was “100 Percent Shocked” By Brandi Redmond’s Pregnancy After Drinking While Filming Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 5

Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond’s life has been a roller coaster lately. In January of 2020, a Twitter user posted a video of Brandi mocking Asian people. As a result, Brandi checked into a wellness center. Brandi’s ride-or-die friend, Stephanie Hollman, defended Brandi, saying that she was not a racist, but that “she made a horrible mistake.”

Season 5 RHOD newbie Tiffany Moon, who is Chinese, discussed the video and its effects with Brandi. Then Tiffany moved on, even if Brandi couldn’t. During the season finale, the Dallas ladies stayed at Southfork Ranch, the setting for the legendary television series, Dallas. Brandi and Kary Brittingham drunkenly murdered part of J.R Ewing’s bedroom. It was an embarrassing “situation,” thanks mostly to Kary.

US Weekly reported that Stephanie spilled some tea about Brandi’s surprise pregnancy during a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live. Stephanie said, “It 100 percent shocked me. She sent me a picture, a sonogram picture, and there was, like, a full baby in the picture, and she was like, ‘Guess what? We’re having a baby.’”

Brandi found out the good news when she was 16 weeks pregnant. “I had no idea she was pregnant, and it was the most shocking thing,” Stephanie remarked. “Then we started thinking about all the times we had drunk. We had drunk so much. It was crazy.” Again–Brandi didn’t know that she was pregnant at the time.

She actually found out that she had a bun in the oven during a regular check-up. Stephanie continued, “[After] she peed in a cup, the doctor came in and was like, ‘Let’s do an ultrasound.’ And then she did it and there was a full baby on the screen,” the former social worker shared. “I think she said she had a nervous [breakdown], a panic attack, and Bryan [Redmond] had to physically drive down there. She could not wrap her head around the fact that she was not only pregnant but so far along.”


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Brandi and Bryan discussed adding to their family last season. They have an adopted son, Bruin Redmond, and share  two daughters, Brooklyn Redmond and Brinkley Redmond.

In an Instagram post on October 23, 2020, Brandi added a photo of four festive pumpkins. Each pumpkin had the year that one of their children was born. “We decorated pumpkins for our little pumpkin patch this afternoon. God works in mysterious ways and we are so thankful for his grace and glory,” Brandi wrote.

Brilynn Mari Redmond was born on February 13, 2021. Brandi said in a statement, “We are overjoyed with love and beyond blessed welcoming our little miracle.”


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Brandi hinted that she was leaving RHOD in an Instagram post on February 21, 2021. “I also want to thank you all for being a part of my journey these past few years. I have loved sharing my life with you but sometimes things come to an end,” Brandi wrote. “The best kind of ends are happy endings and I choose happiness.”

In March of 2021, a video leaked from the Instagram account @bravoandcocktails that probably made Brandi very unhappy. The  grainy video allegedly showed Bryan kissing another woman. Yikes! Brandi certainly has a lot on her plate, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she did exit the franchise.


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