Stephanie Hollman

Fans Slam Stephanie Hollman For Spitting Alcohol From Her Mouth Into Other People’s Mouths In The Midst Of A Pandemic

If you watch Real Housewives with the expectation of viewing women with money AND decorum, skip the group from Dallas.  They are present as facade management, but when questioned or challenged, not quite as polished.  The intelligent and accomplished Tiffany Moon definitely brought it during her time on the show, but its not clear whether she is returning to Real Housewives of Dallas Season Six.

So we are left with the likes of Stephanie Hollman and bestie Brandi Redmond.  Their antics are any mix of vulgar, sloppy, and immature.  It was entertaining for a season or two, but living in multi-million dollar homes while engaging in sorority style antics gets old after a while.  Like, give us something new girls.

Well, Stephanie is staying true to herself.  Even the ongoing coronavirus pandemic can’t stop her.  She’s joined ranks those housewives criticized for lax safety precautions, though her blunder can be attributed to just being a ditz.  Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd Leventhal is a lot more methodical and challenging about ignoring covid protocols.  Fellow RHOD star Kary Brittingham got similar backlash after breaking quarantine and partying up a storm after testing positive.

It all started with a video that iliveforbravo shared to their Instagram.  In the video, Stephanie can be seen wearing a purple bikini and kneeling beside a pool.  She takes pour a shot of liquor into her mouth, then proceeds to spit it into the mouth of a man standing inside the pool.  Presumably, the man is Trey Stewart, the name belonging to the original poster of the video.

It’s unfiltered Stephanie at her best and fans reacted both positively and negatively to the video.  One follower wrote, “what in the name of coronavirus is going on here?”  Another said, “I’m not a stick in the mud and I do a lot of crazy shit especially while drunk but…this is just gross.”  A third wrote, “I guess they still don’t understand how spreading germs works?”


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Some fans also commented on the content of RHOD.  One wrote, “tell me you’re a low-class franchise w/o telling me….”  A second comment read, “Stephanie is sweet and beautiful but I don’t think she’s ever been considered to be classy.”  Another opined, “this is exactly why I hate RHOD.  They legit think they are cute and funny.”

The unflattering comments continued in a staggering ratio.  With our without a pandemic, this is just gross according to one follower.  She wrote, “maybe it’s because I’m a dental hygienist and I know too much about what’s going on in mouths, but this is disgusting and made me gag. I know, I’m a party pooper.”  “Omfg,” wrote another, “I would die before doing this or letting someone do this to me especially in Covid times.”


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One lone supporter said, “alcohol kills the germs!  I don’t care, I love Stephanie!”  True, but that fellow definitely got a lot of swish back from Stephanie.  It’s not all liquor in there….


[Photo Credit: Bravo]