Robyn Dixon Says Gizelle Bryant Never Brought Up Eddie Osefo Cheating Rumors To Her Despite What We Saw On Real Housewives Of Potomac; Says She “Didn’t Know” What Wendy Osefo Was Talking About

After so many seasons on Real Housewives of Potomac, it’s clear that there will be rumors of infidelity that seem to circle back to Gizelle Bryant.  RHOP alum Monique Samuels was said to have conceived a child with her personal trainer.  She believed Gizelle to be the instigator, and went after her at the Season Five reunion.  Ashley Darby didn’t need a rumor circulating about her man, because Michael Darby was in the tabloids more than once for behaving inappropriately.

But now that Eddie Osefo supposedly cheated on wife Wendy Osefo, Gizelle is being named again as the root cause of it.  The rumor originally  appeared in a blog, however two green-eyed besties were talking about it together before it spread within the group.  Ashley was chosen to bring it Wendy’s attention in a seemingly misguided attempt at empathy.

At least that’s what editing would have you believe.  According to Robyn Dixon, the conversation  between herself and Gizelle regarding Eddie did NOT happen before the ill-fated cast trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.  So when Robyn asked Wendy to clarify what the rumors against Eddie were, she claimed that she was genuinely unaware.


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That’s the official response from Robyn after a fan accused her of acting “clueless” when Wendy mentioned the rumors against Eddie.  A comment was posted to Robyn’s Instagram that said, “as a fellow aries woman, if I said something I SAID IT.  Not going to act clueless.  I will tell you I said it and the chips will fall where they may after that.  You’re not giving aries energy. We are not mum or quiet about a damn thing no matter what or who!”

TheJasmineBrand shared Robyn’s response, which included an accusation that editors tweaked the footage to create more drama.  She said, “I own everything I say and do.  I can’t own something that did no happen, which is that ‘conversation’ about the blog/rumor.  Gizelle never brought it up to me.  I hadn’t heard one word discussed about it prior to this clip, hence not knowing what Wendy was talking about.  For whatever reason, someone felt it was necessary to edit the audio and throw me under the bus.”

Robyn alludes to editing audio, however there was an entire scene between herself and Gizelle discussing whether Wendy’s new sexualized self was an attempt to keep Eddie close to her side.  It seems like a better wording would have included something about editing footage to change the sequence of events.  Is Robyn’s vague statement an indication of guilt?  Or perhaps producers really are to blame for this, but given the RHOP history, it seems Gizelle and Robyn were caught scheming yet again.  At least it gives Karen Huger a break from being a usual target.


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