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Tiffany Moon And Fans Shade Erika Jayne For Posting Topless Photo In The Midst Of Her Legal Troubles

Erika Jayne has been embroiled in legal woes since November 2020 when she filed for divorce from Tom Girardi.  The two were sued shortly thereafter for allegedly embezzling money meant for victims of Lion Air Flight 610.  Since then, so much has emerged about Tom’s alleged financial wrong-doings, his infidelity to Erika, and even his mental status.

But Erika isn’t off the hook.  She is being held responsible for spending $25 million that was allegedly funneled into her business account from the Girardi Keese law firm.  The glam squad is gone and the former Ice Queen has to drive herself to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills cast events.  All the effort and time spent creating her music career seems wasted.  It can’t be easy for her to accept this new reality, and maybe that’s why she’s been acting up on social media recently.

According to an article from Page Six, Erika got sloppy on Twitter and called her fans “dumb bitches” recently after a series of posts questioned Erika’s involvement in her ex-husband’s dealings.  She posted Tom’s last name against a black background in her Instagram story last week.  It seems like Erika has a “pretty mess” going on, and it doesn’t end with these posts.

Earlier this week, Erika shared a topless photo to Instagram and captioned it with 2 star emojis.  Page Six reported on some of the fan backlash to this self-absorbed gesture.  “Take those photos before jail honey,” one follower wrote.  Another post read, “classic case of disassociation!  Get quiet and find your soul!”


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This is not the first time Erika was criticized for being tone deaf.  She obliviously flaunts and struts in the manner of Marie Antoinette, and ignores feedback from the public.  Most recently, involving a pair of Louboutins.  Are her lawyers not advising her about optics?

“Tone deaf,” another post added.  “How low you can go????” said a second.   A third post read, “STOP IT ERICA [sic]. YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE NO EMPATHY. COME ON.. time and a place to share your naked body..during a pandemic and your upcoming trial really not helping yourself at all.”

This unfiltered response is completely different to what Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are seeing on the series.  With the exception of a very polite and flustered Sutton Stracke, the other Real Housewives are just fine letting Erika wallow in self-pity and victim-hood unquestioned.

However, one alum of the franchise is happy to speak out.  And she is not team Erika thankfully.  Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Moon gave her snarky opinion to the topless photo.  In a screenshot shared by blogger Bravo Snark Side, Tiffany’s comment can be seen circled in green.  It reads, “you need some clothes boo?”

Despite what Erika hears from her inner circle, these screams for attention are not received well.  Perhaps some clothes and self-reflection are in order.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]