Is Erika Jayne "Too Cool"?

Erika Jayne Likes Tweets Suggesting Tom Girardi’s Alleged Mistresses Should Pay Back Money Owed In Bankruptcy

At this point in the current season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s truly hard to watch Erika Jayne be so selfish. And for her girl gang, the “Fox Force Five” or whatever, defend her horrible behavior. It’s been appalling since her estranged husband Tom Girardi was accused of running his law firm like a Ponzi scheme, allegedly stealing money from victims to fund Erika’s private planes, jewelry, and lifestyle. And instead of showing any remorse for the victims, Erika’s crying poor me while being served caviar pie by Kathy Hilton’s butlers. Oh, and totally gaslighting and lashing out at Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais for DARE asking a question about the situation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Erika is the real-life Cruella de Ville. Her initial divorce filing from Tom screamed sketchy behavior. Not to mention she praised him days before and spent about $100k on his credit card prior to leaving. Her stories don’t add up and while it looks like a plot to protect her assets, she claims her husband, who she says was deteriorating in front of her, had a bunch of side chicks. And she’s insinuating that THAT’S how Tom racked up $101 million in debt. But sweetie, you’re the one being sued for $25 million for money put into your bank account. Just stop the act. 


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And now, Erika is pulling the cheating card yet again. We know she’s not a fan of Ronald Richards, the investigator in charge of looking into Erika’s finances and potential involvement in the embezzlement scandal. She’s tried (and failed) to get him kicked off the case. So it’s no surprise she’d favorite a tweet condemning Ronald. What is surprising is that after doxxing Tom’s alleged mistress, Justice Tricia A Bigelow, that she hasn’t learned her lesson.

Radar Online reports that Erika recently liked a fan’s tweet suggesting that Tom’s mistresses be forced to pay off his bankruptcy, not his wife of 20 years. The tweet read, “If Ronald Richards is coming for Erika because Tom gave her money she didn’t know where it was coming from! I suggest he should go after his mistresses, his partners, the politicians he donated money to, Tom’s family….” Alright now here’s another REACH.


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There are countless RHOBH scenes showing Erika flaunting her wealth. Hell, just days ago, she posted a photo on her Instagram of her wearing $700 shoes. Like I’ve said before, I’m not saying 100% Erika knew about Tom’s alleged shady businesses. But her behavior since the victims have come forward with their horrific stories has been downright disgusting and gets worse day by day. But go cry poor me in your Rolls Royce on your way to another fancy pants dinner party. That is, before you’re expected to show up in court and tell the truth under oath. 

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