Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: How To Lose Your Husband In One Music Video Shoot

Another hot episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac is here! An episode all about Candiace Dillard Bassett? This was a moment made for the president of her fan club. I’m ready for my assignment!

Gizelle Bryant’s daughter FINALLY passed her learner’s permit test. The fifth time really was the charm. It’s about damn time. I was getting worried about this child. She needs all of the lessons. Let’s not make her have to take the actual driving test as many times as the written one.

You can see the terror in Gizelle’s eyes with her daughter behind the wheel. Her entire life’s flashing before her. They’re in a vacant parking lot, but it looks terrifying.

This girl almost ran over the entire camera man. Gizelle admits her daughter sucks at driving which is evident in this episode. Where is the pastor with some divine intervention for this child? No matter how hard Grace tries, she’s hitting allllll of the cones.

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley Darby’s visiting her family! We get to watch them cringe over how shitty of a husband Michael Darby is. Her uterus has prolapsed, so that’s quite the visual to get. I wish her the best with all of THAT.

Ashley’s surprised she decided to hire an attractive nanny. We can’t tempt Michael with too much because we all know how easy it is for him to slip. How pathetic is it that the bar with Michael is THAT low? He has to be one of the worst husbands across any of the cities. Her family will never trust this man, and rightfully so.

Her family practically chokes on their food when Ashley tells them Michael wants to make movies. What kind of movies is he going to make? With his reputation, I could only imagine him doing cheap porn videos to be honest. That’s the vibe he gives off. Nothing will ever change my mind on that.

Ashley’s sort of behind Michael’s new business idea. Well what else is she going to do? At least Michael’s big story line this season isn’t assaulting someone or cheating on her. Somehow making movies is the least wacky idea he’s ever come up with.

Mia Thornton Real Housewives Of Potomac

Wendy Osefo has no clue what she’s doing with this home essentials line. There’s no aspect to this business she actually has in place. She’s been working on her business plan to show Eddie Osefo, so maybe things have changed. She’s in way over her head with this.

Her business plan is full of random jumbled ideas she took from Google. Her mission statement is still nonexistent. She’s unable to answer any of Eddie’s questions. This is embarrassing to watch. She’s not ready one iota to become this powerhouse businesswoman she’s trying to become.

Mia Thornton’s solo scenes are actually quite the pleasure to watch. She’s messy without a cause in her group scenes. However seeing her connection with her kids warms the heart. It’s also great to see how far her relationship has already evolved with her mother. It’s still a work in progress, but they’re in a much better place than before.

Mia’s mother lives with her younger sister, and the relationship is somewhat codependent. Mia feels left out because of how close they are and how much they need each other. She wants to be a part of something too. She missed out on a lot of that traditional family dynamic growing up.

Mia has no idea what to wear to Candiace’s music video. The theme is Fast & Furious, so she has to bring some action move diva glam. Let’s give the people what they want!

Mia realized her husband Gordon Thornton couldn’t be too involved in her business. That’s the opposite of what’s happening with Candiace & Chris Bassett. If you mix business and pleasure like that, it makes things messy in the bedroom. She can see the drawbacks of that arrangement because she want through the same. It’s important to keep the husband aspect of it in tact, but Candiace isn’t heading in that direction. Marital doom could on the horizon.

Robyn Dixon Real Housewives Of Potomac

Robyn Dixon and her totally not fake fiance look at a warehouse space for her hat company. With the expansion of her company, she has to find a larger space to house everything. This was one of the tasks brought before her by her new life coach. She’s tackling all of her issues one step at a time. Now, let’s see if she’ll ever actually walk down the aisle with Juan Dixon.

Robyn tells Juan they’re $100,000 over budget with everything. Holy shit. This woman has no clue how to manage her finances. First she owed the IRS $90,000 and now this. This doesn’t bode well for the future of her business. I’m starting to understand why she’s facing so much stress.

Robyn wants to be motivated by Juan not coached. The way he handles her current issues makes things worse. Saying her sleeping leaves her unattractive in his eyes is causing so much damage. There’s a much better way to approach what’s going on because this NOT it.

I still can’t get over Karen Huger and her three wick candle. She did her new bestie Wendy so dirty. Nobody saw this expansion to her company coming. The way she continues to shade Wendy for having a one wick candle is knee slapping funny. Karen delivers every week with her exceptionally hilarious commentary.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

A Mama Dorothy Dillard sighting! She’s still showing up and inserting herself into Candiace’s life whenever she wants. It’s weird how she has a luxury room in their home. Her involvement in their lives is peculiar. There’s no boundaries.

Dorothy’s in town for Candiace’s Drive Back music video. Oh lord. We know her purse hitting momma is going to cause a scene. There’s no way she’s going to give up the chance to soak in the spotlight.

Candiace is putting her everything into this music video. She’s doing whatever she can to put herself out there as an artist. She’s dropping thousands out of pocket to make this video happen. During a choreography session, Candiace calls Chris to check on the status of the cars for the video.

The last thing Candiace wants is to give her mother fodder to shade Chris further. However, Chris missing the video is going to do exactly that. Not only that, but she has to get her big scene done in one take. The sun is going to set, so she needs to get it done ASAP.

The manager/client relationship between these two is already rocky. This is a horrible thing for their marriage if they continue down this road. Nothing good’s going to come of this. It might be best if they part ways professionally.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

Mia shows up to the music video “set”, and there’s absolutely no direction. Maybe Candiace was on to something about the downfalls of Chris not being involved. Neither Candiace nor Chris are present currently for the filming. All of the ladies are there (including Dorothy). Where is the star of the production because this looks back?

Candiace finally arrives to complete her musical moment. According to Chris, everything’s in place. This might go smoother than we expected. Kudos to Candiace for making shit happen because this could’ve been a flop.

Candiace’s manager shows up and lets her know the cars aren’t there yet. That’s the star of the show. What’s going on? The sun’s going down, and the cars are nowhere to be found. Chris isn’t answering his phone, and they’re losing precious time. Her dream is quickly becoming her biggest nightmare.

Mia asks Dorothy if Chris is coming, but she doesn’t know what’s going on. She “loves” Chris, but she takes every chance they can to shade him. Karen steps in to defend Chris, but Dorothy doesn’t think being a manager is a good idea for him. Mia chimes in about her own past experiences, and Wendy’s not here for the family meddling.

Karen’s finally on speaking terms with Candiace, and her mom’s making things uncomfortable. Dorothy never misses out on her moment in the spotlight. Mia asks Dorothy if Chris is getting paid for his managerial duties. She’s being way too messy for Askale Davis’ taste. Gizelle & Robyn aren’t mad about it. They want the answers too because we know they’re messy.

Wendy carries the bones about Mia to Candiace which doesn’t go over well. Candiace shades Mia’s bubble lips and big feet, and that’s that. Well damn! The way Candiace keeps shading Mia for the size of her feet never fails to send me. SO FUNNY.

Candiace has to resort to borrowing her friend’s cars to get the video filmed. It’s sad to watch. This is the worst possible scenario for this to go down. Dorothy implies Candiace & Chris might not be paying for this house on their own. She is dishing out all of the backstabbing gossip behind her daughter’s back at this event. Some mother. Who does that to their child?


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