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Mathew Shea Says He Blacked Out During Fight With Lexi Wilson On Below Deck Mediterranean

When it comes to altercations involving former Second Stew Lexi Wilson, clarification is needed.  As in, with whom? And which go around?  Because the title of this article could certainly refer to more than one incidence on Below Deck Mediterranean.

It goes back to the beginning with Lexi and Chef Mathew Shea.  Her ego proceeded her, but Lexi waltzed into the galley on day one acting like she owned the place.  Many a chief stew like Kate Chastain, Hannah Ferrier, and Jenna MacGillivray shared the sentiment that a chef’s quirks need to be accommodated for the sake of the tip.  Lexi didn’t get the memo or have the awareness to consider this.

Of course, Mathew has played a hand in all of this.  He managed to side-step the majority of Lexi’s wrath during her first tirade against the crew.  Quitting for a second time and storming off the boat spared Mat that one.  But not so lucky this time.

But again, Mathew did start the fight this time by calling Lexi, “the worst person in the world.”  And his crew mates acknowledged this to Captain Sandy Yawn during the episode.  However, they agree that Lexi was the one who escalated the situation.  And based on her behavior from the first crew night off, no one trusted that she wouldn’t go off the rails again.

For this part, Mathew expressed some remorse while appearing on the Below Deck Mediterranean: After Show.  He claimed to have no recollection of the night.  “I remember going up to the table at lunch and seeing all this food,” Mathew said, “and the rest of the evening is blacked out for me.  So, the whole lunch, the whole dinner, I’m like, gone.”

With some humility Mathew added, “I’m sure I was awful.  And I’m not proud of myself so…”


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Chief Stew Katie Flood has had Mathew’s back all season.  And the two work well together in the galley.  But she admitted that he has a character flaw to instigate.  According to an article from Reality Blurb, Katie made a very fair assessment.  She said, “I mean, Mathew, he does start sh*t.  Like, it’s not just like Lexi blows up out of nowhere.  Mathew does ask for it. [But] on Lexi’s side, she just takes things to a whole new level.”

Deck Hand David Pascoe agreed with Katie that Lexi had a right to react to Mathew’s comment and thinks both crew members were in the wrong.  “He was deserving of a comeback, but not to the extreme that she came back with,” David explained, “he just has to pick, and has to prod, but there’s a limit. And those limits were just never ever found with those two.”

It goes without saying that Mathew and Lexi weren’t going to find a middle ground, even if the former Second Stew stayed until the end of the charter season.  Perhaps under different circumstances, Mathew would have received a similar punishment.


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Either way, the crew, especially Katie, breathed a sigh of relief once Lexi was terminated.  At least the crew can enjoy a day out without drama, because Katie was at a loss on how to mediate between Lexi and Mathew during their fight.  She explained, “I don’t think from my perspective it’s my job to teach people how to act like adults.  Also, we’re not at work, so that’s why I removed myself. I’m like, this has got nothing to do with me. And just because I’m her boss, that doesn’t mean I get to do anything, So, I was just like, ‘It’s not my job.’ I’m not there to mother people.”


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