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Scheana Shay Says Brock Davies Is “Perfect For Reality Television” Because Of His “Brutal Honesty”; Teases Drama With Lala Kent

It feels like a decade has gone by since we last had a new season of Vanderpump Rules. In actuality, it’s been a little over a year since season 8 came to an end. But that’s a long time in the Bravo universe. Think about it: so much has happened with the cast since we last saw them on our screens! Some have had babies, some have built homes, and some cast members have been totally cancelled. Thankfully, season 9 is just right around the corner with a cast full of new and familiar faces. It seems promising. In particular, one newbie cast member seems like he’s settling in comfortably in his new role as a reality TV star, and that’s Scheana Shay’s newest fiancé and the father to her child, Brock Davies.

We’ve all seen him on Instagram, but soon, we’ll get to meet him as a regular cast member on the show. It seems like we can expect Brock to fully deliver in his first season because, according to Scheana, her man is “perfect for reality television.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, Scheana and Brock teased what we can expect from the new season, and it sounds like Brock understood his assignment.

“I’m an open book, and that’s what gets me in trouble this season,” he teased to the outlet, with Scheana tacking on that her man is “brutally honest,” making him perfect for a reality TV show like Vanderpump Rules.

So, what can we expect to see from him in his TV debut? According to Brock, his past will come up this season, and we’re going to learn more about how his life before Scheana informs his current situation. He’s a 35-year-old Australian personal trainer, and in addition to the new bundle of joy he welcomed with Scheana earlier this year, he has two previous children with an ex.

“I guess I put it all out there, and then you get to see a lot,” Brock shared.


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It will be interesting to see Scheana’s new life with Brock — it’s so different from the last time we saw her on TV. But it also sounds like there will be plenty of drama in store for the couple — especially with Lala Kent.

“I got along with everybody very easily ’cause I enjoy people’s company. But obviously, through that friendship, there was obviously some people that wanted to know more about my past and all that,” Brock explained. “And that kind of caused a bit [of a] rift. Lala and I get into it throughout the season, but through it, [I] actually had a memorable moment in my life.”

Brock’s rift with Lala seemingly puts Scheana in an awkward place. Of course, Lala and Scheana’s relationship has been rocky for a minute. Just last year, Scheana claimed that she wasn’t invited to the sex reveal party for Lala’s baby. After that, the two weren’t on speaking terms, but we’ve seen motherhood slowly pull them back together. Now, Brock’s feud with Lala stands to jeopardize any progress the two women have made with their friendship.

Reflecting on her feud with Lala, Scheana said, “I think we both learned our lessons, and we are much better at communicating with each other now. And I think that was just one of those things that we needed to go through to get to where we are, which you’ll see.”


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