Tom Girardi’s Senior Living Home Costs $8K A Month

Tom Girardi lost his vast fortune, reputation, and the $10 million Pasadena mansion in the unraveling of his alleged embezzlement scandal.  But that doesn’t mean he will be locked away in some budget senior living center.  No, the former lawyer is living up his twilight years in style while the victims he supposedly stole money from are still waiting to be compensated.

The Pasadena mansion that he and Erika Jayne shared before their divorce became a fixture on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but that property is now being sold off as part of the bankruptcy case against Tom.  A paltry amount that will do little to appease the creditors of the alleged $101 million that Tom owes.  So, with his home confiscated, and his mental health in decline, Tom was moved into a senior living facility on August 9th.

Tom’s brother, Robert Girardi, is functioning as the former lawyer’s conservator.  He recently updated the courts on Tom’s situation, and Radar Online published the shocking cost of the senior facility caring for the disgraced lawyer.

This $8k a month facility is, no doubt, well equipped to deal with Tom’s declining health.  Not only is he suffering from dementia, but in updated court documents, Robert revealed his brother’s growing list of physical problems including, “blindness in right eye, glaucoma in the right eye” and hearing loss.  Tom is being administered blood pressure medicine, eye drops, eye pressure medicine, and Donepezil.


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Robert defended using the costly facility, though he as conservator is footing the bill.  He said, “Tom’s health and finances require that he be at a skilled nursing facility.”  The Burbank facility also offers amenities such as workout classes, which Tom regularly participates in.

According to Radar Online, Robert is planning monthly visits to Tom.  The court was informed that Tom and Robert’s family regularly check in on him as well.  Robert also advocated for his brother by saying he thinks Tom should receive $3,000 a month from social security benefits.

And that would be Tom’s only source of income.  All of his other assets will be liquidated.  Robert confirmed to courts at this time that Tom does not have safety deposit boxes.  He concluded the court update that Tom, “does not have any control over his assets, but to the extent they exist, they will likely be liquidated.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]