Tom Girardi’s Conservatorship Made Official After “Neurocognitive Disorder” Diagnosis; His Brother Robert Girardi Now In Charge Of Tom And His Estate

I guess it’s hard to be in charge of an “estate” that only has three Count Basie records and maybe a VHS collection of Miami Vice. That said, Robert Girardi has had his brother’s back in the incredibly unsettling twist of fate that has become Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: American Horror Story. It’s bad for Erika Jayne but much worse for Tom Girardi, everyone is playing a melodramatic role here and it’s like goddamned Shakespeare in the Park at this point.

Right after it started getting super hot in the kitchen, Tom received a very convenient diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Erika has gone from supportive wife of a big time lawyer to being unloved and trapped by someone who began deteriorating in front of her eyes. Tom was a “great man” who “gets” Erika but only until he loses his money and she files for divorce 5 days after praising him on national television. Now we take another giant leap into the unknown because Tom’s legal defense medical advisors have declared him in definite need of a handler.

Tom’s younger brother Robert is officially in the driver’s seat and Tom is probably not pleased but knows good and well this is the only shot he has to save his ass. Or if he is indeed in mental decline, he has no problem with Bobby taking over, despite his direct pleading with the courts to dissolve the conservatorship.

According to Page Six, on Monday, Robert filed official letters of conservatorship and he is now the caretaker of both Tom and his estate. Court documents show Tom suffers from a “major neurocognitive disorder” as the reason for the conservatorship. The submitted letters are a follow-up to a ruling made in June 2020 when Bobby was appointed Tom’s permanent buddy.

At the time, an apparently lucid Tom addressed the judge and said, “Obviously, I disagree with the conservatorship altogether. I think that we should put together the reasons why the conservatorship should be dissolved, and then we’ll address it, address the court. Right now, I have nothing to say to the court.”


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After Tom suffered a “medical emergency” in February or as some call it, “I’m totally fuckeditis“, Robert was named temporary conservator and one month later the late-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis popped up. Clearly the judge does not think Tom is capable of handling this giant mess he created and now the clean up crew is helmed by his little brother. I’m sure Erika is pouring over the Merck Manual in hopes of discovering a relatable and accommodating medical ailment that will alleviate the current shitstorm she’s in.

Tom’s medical situation is being challenged for it’s impeccable timing and fans of RHOBH are trying not to be saddened their favorite show has now become a 1980’s nighttime soap opera, complete with cliffhangers. Stay tuned to see if J.R. Ewing comes back to life and Erika wakes up to find Tom in the shower saying this whole ugly thing was just a dream. Did I say stay tuned? So sorry, I meant, TO BE CONTINUED


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