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Leah McSweeney Slams Sonja Morgan For Talking About Her, Her Sister, And Tinsley Mortimer In Real Housewives Tell All Book

Not All Diamonds and Rose is imploding the fragile relationships of many Real Housewives.  The book, written by Dave Quinn, contains over 100 interviews with cast members and producers.  It’s a first of its kind expose on all things Real Housewives, and is already causing massive rifts between cast members.

One wonders if that was the point of this book.  After all, interest in Real Housewives won’t last forever.  Real Housewives of Dallas was recently cancelled, and Real Housewives of New York had the lowest ratings ever for Season 13.  So maybe stirring up a bunch of resentment would help resuscitate the brand.

Regardless, this book is bringing the drama that it was intended to.  RHONY cast mates Sonja Morgan and Leah McSweeney have even unfollowed each other on social media because of the fallout, according to an Instagram post by RealHousewivesFranchise.

Last we checked, Sonja and Leah were on good terms.  They seemed to enjoy each other’s company, though Leah was concerned about Sonja’s drinking and always offered support.  Of course, there was no reunion for Season 13, so we didn’t get any updated info on their relationship.

But after an excerpt was released from the book in which Sonja bashes Leah, her sister Sarah McSweeney, and RHONY alum Tinsley Mortimer, its clear these ladies have a strained relationship right now.  According to an article from Page Six, Leah blasted Sonja on Instagram Stories for “talking mad s–t” before quickly deleting the outburst.


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The deleted post included a photo of an ashtray filled with cigarettes, likely a reference to RHONY alum Heather Thomson’s recent claim that Sonja had a penchant for letting her gentlemen friends put lit ciggies in her vajajay.  Leah captioned the picture, “damn Sonja talking mad s–t about Tinz and my sis in this book.  Hell no bitch.  It’s a wrap.”

This post was replaced by one of Sonja’s comments about the Season 12 cast trip to Rhode Island.  And since Leah’s meltdowns are so plentiful, one has to classify them in some way.  This one resulted from the Married To The Mob founder crying over “Pita Chip Guy” and being resentful over the fact that host Ramona Singer didn’t want Sarah to join the group.  Some curtains were torn in the process, and on the following night, some undeserving ravioli was thrown in Ramona’s face.  During that dinner, Leah and her sister confronted Ramona and Sonja for distancing themselves from the group, preferring to flirt at the bar rather than sit with the rest of the cast.

Sonja’s comments about the night were none too flattering for the McSweeney sisters.  She said, “God, that sister was a nightmare off camera.  She went apes–t on me. She had me and Ramona hiding under a table to get away from her. She just kept coming at me and coming at me, and Ramona started crying, because Leah was like f–ked-up, daytime, nighttime, everything. It was so bad.”

Leah shared this passage, along with her response.  “This is totally untrue and I would never ever tell what goes on with Sonja that gets cut out,” the mother of one said.  Sonja explained why she and Ramona didn’t want to join the table.  “The way they were acting was embarrassing,” Sonja said of Leah and Sarah, and she claimed they tried to turn the optics around and make Sonja and Ramoa out to be “lecherous old women trying to pick up guys.”


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Ramona was supposedly so horrified about how we was being portrayed on that night out.  She called Sonja to discuss quitting the show.  Sonja explained, “afterward, she [Singer] was calling me and saying, ‘I can’t do a show like this, this is too trashy.”

Well, with ratings as low as they were, maybe none of these ladies will “do a show like this” anymore.  Maybe the drama induced from Not All Diamonds and Rose can save the RHONY sinking ship.  Indeed, the cast seems completely frayed.  At the launch party for the book, Leah and two other women supposedly left the party when co-star Eboni K. Williams arrived.  A source told Page Six that the women, “fled as soon as she walked in.”

It’s easier to be friends when you’re flying high on a hit TV show.  Meanwhile, it’s not clear what Sonja said about Tinsley, but that is sure to come to light.


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