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Candiace Dillard Slams Andy Cohen For Building Real Housewives On The Backs Of Women And For Not Reaching Out After Her Physical Altercation With Monique Samuels

What was Bravo before Andy Cohen?  One may recall some artsy channel that played opera arias and the like on a Friday night.  And it went from that to one of the hottest channels thanks to the Real Housewives franchise thanks to the vision of Andy.  He built an empire, and functions as the center of its universe.

Real Housewives fill Andy’s parties, and have to answer him, literally, during their season reunions.  His favoritism within each cast is apparent.  Viewers see him within his professional capacity as host, but what goes on behind the scenes?  What is Andy like as a boss?  How active is he with the cast during filming?

Well, there is a book out now that is lifting the lid on all things Real Housewives.  You may have hear of a humble publication called Not all Diamonds and Rose that is filled with over 100 interviews with cast members, producers, and members of staff.

In one recently released excerpt, Candiace Dillard Bassett spilled the tea on Andy’s underwhelming empathy towards her after her fight with Monique Samuels.  The passage presented Andy as less than interested in her well-being.  Perhaps that’s a job for HR.

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JustinPolls7 tweeted the excerpt while showing his support for the songstress with the caption, “get him, Candiace!”  In her interview, Candiace described her attempt to contact Andy after the on air smack-down.  She said, “I even reached out to Andy’s assistant and asked for him to call me.  Nothing.  That’s fucked up.  I know he has well over a hundred Housewives, all texting and calling him all the time.  But how many of them were physically attacked on camera by their costar?”

The often outspoken Real Housewives of Potomac star didn’t hold back.  “The fact that he couldn’t even schedule ten minutes to reach out to me?  You don’t give a fuck,” Candiace accused, “You are making money off our backs and feeding your son with it, and you just don’t give a fuck about us and you can’t tell me that you do.  And when I saw him, I did say it to his face.”

Perhaps Andy’s response is in the book.  But not reaching out to Candiace at all?  Not a good look.

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