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Josh Flagg Denies Heather Thomson’s Claim That Sonja Morgan Let Men Put Lit Cigarettes In Her Vagina

Another Bravolebrity is coming forward to denounce Heather Thomson’s cigarette rumor.  Not only is Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Josh Flagg denying that Sonja Morgan ever allowed men to insert lit cigarettes into her vagina, but he also has a theory as to where this tall-tale originated.

Of course, Josh is talking about Heather’s interview from Not All Diamonds and Rose, a recently published Real Housewives tell-all book.  In it, the Real Housewives of New York alum claimed to have witnessed Sonja’s male company inserting lit cigarettes into her vagina while the intoxicated star lay sprawled in a vestibule.

Well interestingly, Josh had previously joked with Sonja about the same action in a March 2019 YouTube video posted on his social media channel.  According to an article by Page Six, in one clip, Josh is heard laughing, “remember that one time after Townhouse [Bar]?  I stuck a Parliament [cigarette] up her vagina once.”  Sonja responded, “Oh, God.  We woke up the next day, there were so many cigarettes lying around.”

Heather’s story doesn’t seem so original now does it?  Or that far-fetched either perhaps, knowing some of Sonja’s antics.  But while Josh described his long-time friend as “insane,” he insisted that Sonja would never allow such a penetration to take place.


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Josh recently FaceTimed with Heather McDonald for her “Juicy Scoop” podcast to explain the matter.  “Heather [Thomson] is full of s–t.  Sonja and I have been best friends for literally 15 years,”  Josh said, ” the s–t we say sometimes on my Instagram…It’s just fun.  We just have, like a good time.  There’s nothing real about it.”

“Do you really think I stuck a f–king lit cigarette in her vagina?” Josh asked, “I mean, like, if you dig far enough you’ll see also a part where I said I put a Rolex in there and it didn’t come out. But come on. This is ridiculous.”

Hear the similarity?  And Heather is known by RHONY costars to share embellished stories on her podcast.  She previously claimed that Carole Radziwill did heavy “strong drugs” on a cast trip, something the former reporter denies.

Seemingly, Heather “jacked” Josh’s story from the video with Sonja and passed it off as non-fiction for her benefit.  Sonja herself denied the story by calling her former costar a “liar liar pants on fire.”


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Meanwhile, current RHONY stars Leah McSweeney and Luann de Lesseps don’t believe it either.  “I don’t think there’s any truth to that story at all, definitely not,” Leah previously told Page Six.  At the same event, cabaret star Luann said, “I don’t want to see that.”


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