Sonja Morgan Responds To Heather Thomson’s Claims That Sonja Let Men Put Lit Cigarettes In Her Vagina

In the world of reality TV, there really is only one Sonja Morgan. And while I will love her well after her Real Housewives of New York career comes to a halt, it’s probably best that she’s one of a kind. Sonjarita is the straw that stirs the drink. She has a co-dependent relationship with her poodle Marley. She’s a jet setter at heart, tied down by a crumbling townhouse on the Upper East Side. Yes, she can get carried away with her drunken antics sometimes, but it’s all in good fun.

A new book about the Real Housewives universe has been spilling all the tea about what goes on behind the scenes. It’s even been causing some drama between former and current cast and crew members who were interviewed. Of course, RHONY alum Holla Heather Thomson was eager to be interviewed for the book, spilling damning tea about her former co-stars. Holla Heather just loves to talk trash and isn’t afraid to go low.

And that’s exactly what she did by calling out Sonja in her interview, Page Six. She said she “turned” on Sonja because of her alcohol-infused problems. “I had scraped her off carpets. I had taken her out of a vestibule where she was letting guys put lit cigarettes in her vagina,” Heather said. Yikes. Making fun of Ramona Singer for pooping her pants is one thing. But exposing someone by making bad and clearly regrettable accusations is just mean.


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Heather’s quote obviously broke the internet, like she probably intended. But when @FacesByBravo posted an article about the story, Sonja with a Sexy J went off on Mama Heather in the comments. Sonja says Heather is a “liar” but threw in some laughing emojis for good measure. Sonja’s gone through a lot on the show, but always finds a way to laugh it off. “This book is really stirring the pot,” she added.

Sonjarita wasn’t going to let Heather get away from making accusations that she claims are not true. “Her husband wanted a 3 some,” Sonja wrote. Holla Heather has been married to Jonathan Schindler for 18 years, in case you forgot. So Sonja’s accusations have to be rubbing Heather the wrong way.

While Heather’s RHONY run seems like it’s over for good, she’ll clearly never give up involving herself in the Bravoverse. And we all saw how well that went last season of RHONY when Heather whitesplained to Eboni K. Williams and got into a heated feud with Leah McSweeney. But let her have her moment to holla about her former gig one last time.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]