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Zayn Malik’s Sister Posts About The Importance Of Family And Karma Following Yolanda Hadid Harassment Allegations

Yolanda Hadid’s days on reality TV are far behind her (she didn’t exactly need the show anyway). But even in her life after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she is circled by drama. But what do you expect? She’s a momager to two A-list supermodels, so it comes with the territory. Plus, she has her own notoriety from Housewives already, so she’s living her best life. Remember the year we all were experts on Munchausen syndrome? Those were the days.

Recently, Yolanda found herself in a feud that, this time, doesn’t involve an RHOBH star. Instead, her adversary is her daughter Gigi Hadid’s baby daddy. Reports surfaced that Zayn Malik reportedly struck Yolanda when she came over unannounced. He plead no contest, even though Yolanda says the One Direction star shoved her into a dresser and called her a “Dutch slut.” Gigi has remained quiet about this whole thing, even though reports say she’s currently split from Zayn. But her siblings Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid were all on #TeamGigi and #TeamLemonDetox after Zayn made his side of the story pretty clear for the fans.


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Now, according to PeopleZayn’s sister is stepping up and supporting her brother’s side. His younger sister Waliyha Malik recently posted a string of cryptic Instagram posts, seemingly referencing the incident with the Hadid fam. One post was a quote that read, “Family. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” She added the caption, “All we need. @zayn you are so loved by us all.” Yikes. Sounds like a time-honored classic of feuding families bonded together by a baby in the middle. But all around, it’s just an upsetting situation to watch play out.

In a separate post, Waliyha posted a quote that read, “Karma comes after everyone eventually.” That’s subtle (not). She also shared a quote from Zayn’s memoir about respecting women. “I was always brought up to respect women. Both my parents instilled that in me, and in my experience women have been the most intelligent, peaceful and positive influences in my life,” the quote reads. Again, I wonder who these posts could be about? It’s clearly going to take a lot of time, and a whole lot of LOGGING OFF the internet, to repair this. And we hope for the best for everyone involved.


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