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Claudia Jordan Says NeNe Leakes Is Lucky Anyone Showed Up To Support Her After Gregg Leakes Died

I always thought that if one housewife didn’t get a fair chance, it was Claudia Jordan. She was only on Real Housewives of Atlanta for one season. But during that season, she managed to do what none of the other women would: put NeNe Leakes in her place. Claudia spent the season reading NeNe for filth and not apologizing once for it. But after the season was done, she didn’t come back and we were left wondering what went wrong. Did NeNe push her out? Was RHOA not Claudia’s cup of tea? Word on the street was that Claudia was fired, even though she denied it. Yeah, they all do.

Either way, there was clearly no love lost between Claudia and NeNe. And years later, that’s still true. As reported by Radar Online, the two recently got into it over the death of NeNe’s husband, Gregg Leakes. It all started when NeNe threw shade at some of her former costars for all chipping on on flowers that only cost $200. Said NeNe, “Why do y’all need to go in together and buy some damn flowers? All of y’all work!”

Never one to shy away from calling out NeNe, Claudia was quick to respond and it wasn’t pretty. Claudia went on Fox Soul’s Tea-G-I-F to vent. She revealed, “It’s no secret that her and I are not cool, we’re not friends, we’re nothing, you know? We’re nothing. But out of respect for Gregg, I did send condolences. And I never made it public, I didn’t put it out there or post something or tell the world.”

Claudia continued, “But I did feel triggered when I heard about this story. I’m like, hold up, no one owes you anything! We didn’t have to spend one dollar. It has nothing to do with you; it has to do with your husband and paying respect to the man that we all got to know and love, who was so supportive and kind. Even when you were beefing with his wife, he was still a class act.”

Claudia maintained that she’s not telling NeNe how to grieve but rather to point out that NeNe should practice more gratitude. Said Claudia, “NeNe, I can’t tell you how to grieve because – again, I have never lost a husband, I’ve never lost a mate, I’m not married, I just have a boyfriend – but like, it’s just such a tacky thing to… Did you Google how much the flowers cost? The things you have said about other people – you are lucky that anyone even showed up for you, actually. And the fact that people rallied around you I thought was a beautiful moment, so let’s not ruin it. Let’s just build on that moment and move forward.”


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She added that she feels like NeNe is “making these missteps that are further sabotaging her brand and her likability.” Still, Claudia insisted that she is coming from a genuine place. Said Claudia, “As much as we beefed on the show, we had some cool moments off, and I think she’s hilarious! I think NeNe is one of the most entertaining reality stars that has ever been on television. And that’s facts! And the fact that she’s not on television says a lot, because I think she deserves to be on television.”

Claudia concluded, “But I think it’s stuff like this that rubs people the wrong way that may be hurting her. And I hope she can get through this and grieve properly and get back to where she’s supposed to be. But this is not it, sis. Like, calling people out about how they chose to support you in the death of your husband is not cool. It’s hard to be sympathetic.”

I really like Claudia but oof. Now is not the time to be instructing a widow to be “grateful.” Sure, it might have been in poor taste for NeNe to essentially call people who sent flowers cheap. But Claudia was really doing too much in this interview. Despite her trying to paint her words in a helpful light, Claudia should have just minded her business on this one.


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