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Vivica A. Fox & Claudia Jordan Imply NeNe Leakes Has A Drug Habit

Being one of the original cast members of Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes has been accused of many things. One might say she is a bad friend, one might say she’s a bad partner, one might say NeNe’s entitled, often volatile personality could be the result of trauma. Speculation aside, one cannot expect to be portrayed in a flattering light when 99% of your screen time involves yelling at another person for the better part of 12 years.

Last season we watched NeNe lose most of her friends and become “caregiver” for her husband suffering from cancer. NeNe chalked her coarse attitude up to the overwhelming stress and pressure of assisting Gregg Leakes through his medical crisis. But what if there were other issues looming about? Is there something more to NeNe’s crazy attitude fluctuations? Vivica A. Fox has a thought and she expressed it on a recent episode of RHOA alum Claudia Jordan’s show, and she did NOT hold back. Vivica, you might be in danger girl.

Much of NeNe’s narrative this year has revolved around hating Kenya Moore an apology tour. She’s tried to make amends with Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams. Kandi Burruss still has no time for NeNe’s foolishness because she is busy single-handedly holding up the entertainment industry.

Still, NeNe has definitely not been contrite and her new thing has been the “spiritual journey” she is on. Someone should tell those spirits it’s not working… Admitting to seeking therapy in an effort to stay on the show soften her sharp edges, NeNe has also confessed to suffering from depression.


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Well that’s one thing, but if you show your ass consistently, other people will have opinions. Then they will share those opinions on a public forum. According to The Blast, the very brave Vivica was a guest on Claudia’s show, Out Loud with Claudia Jordan. The ladies discussed a recent video NeNe posted where she detailed “feeling traumatized” and having phone calls with her therapist. In the video, NeNe said, “I think a lot of times, people see the tough exterior and they don’t know that you hurt inside sometimes like everybody else.”

Cue the record scratch because Aunt Viv had another idea. Vivica asked, “Sometimes I’m just like, ‘what is really going on?’ Let’s talk about it for a second, honey. I just wanted to know did you see a little, um um?” Right, so the “little um um” was an under-the-nose swipe that maybe, perhaps, possibly was an indication she thinks NeNe is on a ride with the Snowman. By that I mean she could be implying NeNe does the cocaine.


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Vivica added, “I just thought it’s a whole lot of adrenaline and stuff going on, so it must be another level of something.” A lot of adrenaline? Like when you attack several people for going into a closet? Okay, but that certainly doesn’t mean you’re the Tony Montana of the caftan set.

Claudia responds by saying “you mean when it gets sweaty right there [under nose].” Let me go light a candle for these women because I’m scared for them. Then Claudia, who once famously told NeNe her hair looks like Ramen noodles (#neverforget), wonders aloud if NeNe is going to therapy or rehab. Oh dear. “Is [NeNe] getting help from a therapist, or she’s going to dry out?” Vivica replies, “I definitely think that mentally something is going on. You can only spit out that much venom and after a while, it doesn’t affect you in a negative way.”


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Well Claudia and Vivica, it was nice knowing you! I’m just kidding (I’m not kidding). Surely NeNe will see how they have smack-talked her publicly, accused her of having both a drug problem with mental health issues, and take it very well. Hopefully the tools NeNe has gained on her path to Nirvana have afforded her the ability to handle these criticisms with social grace and understanding. I’m sure we will find out.


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