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Claudia Jordan Slams NeNe Leakes For Laughing At Domestic Abuse; Says NeNe Is “Miserable With Rotten Spirit”

Just because someone is no longer on Real Housewives of Atlanta doesn’t mean there can’t be some good old fashioned drama. Shockingly, this involves the recently departed NeNe Leakes and Season 7 veteran, Claudia Jordan. Fans of the show may remember Claudia and NeNe having a less-than-amicable friendship. Though one might be hard pressed to find NeNe in any kind of amicable friendship.

Claudia was a one and fired done but left her mark. Her legacy formed as one of the few people who dared to go directly up against NeNe. Though she left the show, it didn’t deter Claudia from sharing her opinion. In May of this year, Claudia and Vivica A. Fox questioned if NeNe’s antics were the result of, let’s say, chemical substances. It wasn’t received well. Now, NeNe and Claudia are at it again. Apparently NeNe mocked Claudia’s experience with domestic abuse. You think you’ve heard of reading someone to filth? Miss Claudia just broke out the encyclopedia.

Claudia’s Bravo life was short, but her name achieved level up status when she found distinct similarities between NeNe’s hair and Ramen noodles, #neverforget. NeNe won the war by technical knockout when Claudia’s contract wasn’t renewed.

We’re back in the ring, thanks to Cynthia Bailey’s wedding. According to UpNewsInfo, it got nasty. Claudia attended the disease-spreader blessed event, but NeNe wouldn’t RSVP unless her gift bag came with a $125k check. When NeNe commented about her reason for skipping the party on social media, Claudia responded. She wrote, “Just say you couldn’t make it or felt uncomfortable going. Too many people making this wedding about THEM.”


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A fan of NeNe’s was not pleased and wrote an inappropriate reply to Claudia, “I see why that n***a whipped your a**, go get your corns off your toes fixed.” NeNe must have heard a bell ring because she went in to fight. She replied to this person’s with a slew of crying-laughing emojis.

So Claudia unleashed the WRATH. The Jasmine Brand shared screenshots. To NeNe, she said, “OK I guess since you wanna laugh at MY abuse I now have the green light to laugh at the abuse your surgeon been doing to that face.” Oh shit here we go. Claudia proceeded to detail her thoughts regarding NeNe’s personality. “Your attitude sucks, you’re a talentless, illiterate, narcissistic bully who thinks you’re far more important than you really are. Your brand is being rude, abrasive & arrogant. You’re a joke, a punchline at best.” I’m not saying Claudia is speaking for many, but Claudia is speaking for many.


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Claudia is not calling for the check yet. Touching on NeNe insulting Wendy Williams’ medical condition, Claudia said, “If u weren’t so busy sh*tting on ur one talk show friend host & looking down your 5X’s reconstructed monstrosity of a nose- she coulda gave you some tips!” Claudia was NOT lacking content, “You deserve all this karma for all the people you have hurt along the way but now we supposed to feel bad for YOU cause you tricked off YOUR OPPORTUNITY?” she concluded. “This fall from grace will not be pretty & you deserve every bit of your destiny. I hope you saved those ‘coins’ you used to brag about. Doubt it.” But Claudia, what about NeNe’s career???

“The real gag is YOU once told me Hollywood wasn’t checking for ME- well now look who the whole world ain’t checking for- YOU!”, Claudia included. Note to self, don’t make Claudia mad. “Who fumbles a $2 million easy bag?” Then Claudia goes full boss level. “Then films in an empty warehouse & calls it a talk show while looking every bit of a non-union public access tv project?” Services will be held for NeNe Leakes after reading this article. May she #RIP because there is simply no recovery from the lethal weapons that appear to be Claudia’s typing fingers.


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NeNe hasn’t responded, but she could be preparing a YouTube video at this very moment. I hope Claudia is ready to get checked back, because NeNe likes to have the last word. That said, this round definitely goes to Claudia. Ding, ding!


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