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Claudia Jordan Reacts To NeNe Leakes Comparing Herself To Beyonce

Claudia Jordan is the one that got away when it comes to Real Housewives of Atlanta. She shook up the cast dynamics, and wasn’t afraid to take anyone on. She definitely wouldn’t have served up a pandemic wedding storyline, thats for sure. Even following her departure from the show, this one keeps the RHOA cast in check on the regular.

Claudia has been known to call out the likes of NeNe Leakes in the past. What, like it’s hard? NeNe has done some insanely egregious things. Most recently, it was comparing herself to both Beyoncé and McDonalds in the same rant. The fuck?

During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored NeNe was asked how it feels when OG fans beg to have her back on the show. She replied saying, “It’s very hard to –– in a very nice way –– go somewhere and think that you can fill the shoes of something that someone started. It’s kind of hard to have the group Destiny’s Child and take Beyoncé out and think you have Destiny’s Child. It’s kind of difficult to do that.” Ma’am!

Not only do we all know Kenya Moore is Beyoncé’s clear favorite, but you need to stop this comparison thing you are working to make happen. You aren’t George Floyd (yea, she tried that) and you sure as hell aren’t a woman who found massive success after leaving her main gig. Beyonce didn’t get fired by her former bandmates after making a disgusting and very public rape comment. Get it yet?


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Claudia had her own thoughts on NeNe’s recent comments claiming to be the “Beyoncé” of the cast. In an interview with uInterview Claudia admitted, “I mean she is a big part of the success of the show. I don’t know about calling herself Beyoncé, but when she was enjoying the show she was great, she was great.” Honestly, I can’t argue. Too bad she couldn’t maintain.

Claudia continued her evaluation of NeNe’s delusional situation. She said, “When [NeNe] was enjoying the show and being fun and funny she was great. I think that was around the time that Destiny’s Child was together that’s when NeNe was best on the show.” Ooof. It stings. Now THAT is how you twirl on a hater.


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