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Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Changed The Tattoo She Had In Honor Of Ex Randall Emmett

When news of Randall Emmett’s alleged infidelity broke last month, Vanderpump Rules fans could guess that Lala Kent would be just fine.  The former Sur employee is tough as nails, and has a good head on her shoulders.  To her credit, she also weathered this drama with discretion and has not spoken ill about Randall publicly.  It’s a wise decision given that the former betrothed couple have a seven-month-old daughter to co-parent still.

So, without major confirmations or dramatic outbursts, Lala still managed to get the message out that she and Randall have split with a little trip to the tattoo parlor.  Data posted online will last forever, but ink can be modified, and the mother of one decided it was time to change the tattoo that she got during happier times.

The “Rand” tattoo that Lala had on the inside of her right arm as been altered.  It now reads “bRand New,” according to an article from Page Six.  The new ink made its’ debut on Lala’s social media after the Vanderpump Rules star posted pictures prior to, and after, the procedure.  In the post, Lala included a plug for her eyewear line.  A collaboration that paired Lala with Dime to create a line of frames.  “I wanted to create something that was chic and affordable.  These are my OCEAN frames in tortoise- I can’t get enough of them,” Lala captioned the picture.


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Lala has started speaking about her split, but mainly to share how she has been coping with it all.  On a recent episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala…with Randall,” the reality TV star revealed how caring for her daughter, Ocean, has helped her through.

During the podcast, that used to be a duo gig with Lala and Randall before he recently quit, Lala said, “I take it one minute at a time because a 7-month-old can’t sit around and wait for you to get over s-t.  You better keep your f–king head up and do your thing.  So that’s what I do… You have to be grateful for every experience.”

Lala then took a reflective turn and spoke with gratitude about her life.  “People have been through much crazier and traumatic things than I have been through,” she concluded, “those people inspire me, who deal with things with grace and they come out on top even with the hand they were dealt.”


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