Lala Kent Seen Out Without Her Engagement Ring After Randall Emmett Cheating Rumors Surface

Lala Kent has been in the middle of a mess since she first started SURving on Vanderpump Rules. She’s a mama now and stopped drinking for good, but that doesn’t mean she won’t pop off on someone. Just look at the first few episodes of the season — she’s managed to get into it with Charli Burnett, Ariana Madix, the list goes on. Lala just always says what’s on her mind, even if it offends somebody (which it often does). And when it comes to her man Randall Emmett, she can get real creative, some might say downright dirty, with her ways to let her know not to mess with her.


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Rumors have been swirling that the Pump Rules couple isn’t doing so hot, despite talking about having their second baby. Rand is just having a whole lot of baby mama drama these days, and he’s supposed to be getting ready for his already postponed wedding to Lala. The word on the street is that the pair broke up after Lala deleted all photos of Randall on Instagram. To be fair, she has a tendency to do that, so it isn’t positive if they’re over for good. But the news comes as rumors came out about Randall potentially cheating on Lala while out of town. We know what Lala does when she’s mad and if the accusations are true, Randall better watch out.


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Lala gave off another clue that she and Rand might be over for good when she was photographed by TMZ. Lala didn’t answer any questions from reporters, but she was noticeably not wearing her ring.  She and Randall have been engaged since 2018 and postponed their 2020 wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lala is known for her dramatics, so who knows if her forgoing her ring automatically means they’re over for good. But the clues are adding up — her playing Beyonce on her story, deleting photos of Rand, and the rumors about his cheating. At least we know Lala will have plenty to talk about at the upcoming reunion besides calling out Brock Davies for his own baby mama drama. And trying to partake in a shade-throwing competition with Ariana.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]