Scheana Shay Says Lala Kent Is A “Very Strong Woman” Who Will Be “Just Fine” Following Split From Randall Emmett; Brock Davies Says “The Truth Needs To Come Out”

Now isn’t this rich. Brock Davies has thus far spent his freshman season on Vanderpump Rules in turmoil. He’s defended his parenting, his past relationship, and his current relationship with Scheana Shay. And, whenever possible asked everyone to leave him alone, mind their own business, and to not attempt to understand something they aren’t a part of. Oh, and he’s also cried. A. Lot.

Now Brock and Scheana have taken to the interwebs to mansplain the demise of Lala Kent and Randall Emmett‘s relationship. Not only that, but they demand that the truth be told, to everyone. Double standard much? Why am I not surprised?

At this point, there isn’t too much we know publicly about the split. Randall got caught in a hotel, with two women who were not Lala. Lala made a big stink about broken promises and cheating while removing herself and daughter Ocean Emmett to the Beverly Hills Hotel. Randall’s taken time to use his children from both relationships to hawk Lala’s (non) New York Times Bestseller book, as a feeble attempt to get on his ex-fiance’s good graces. I think that’s nice (said with dripping sarcasm).

We also know that Randall has gotten himself in a bit of a financial pickle with child support payments and bankruptcy declarations. Which doesn’t bode well for his now additional child support settlement hearings that will surely be forthcoming for Ocean. Pre-emptive strike perhaps?

Meanwhile, Lala has since moved out of both the hotel and their shared home, and for a while was choosing not to speak about the split. Things have changed in recent days, and it sounds like we will being hearing more and more about what really went down.

While we are (not so) patiently waiting, Brock and Scheana have taken to Us Weekly to share their truth, about a relationship that has nothing to do with them. As you do.


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“When you go through a separation, it’s not easy, especially when a kid’s involved,” said Scheana, who I might point out, has never gone through a separation with a child. “Of course, you would hope for any family to be back together [eventually], but right now, no, I think she just needs to focus on herself and her baby,” Shay added. Also interesting, considering her current boyfriend has two other child with a different woman, and their family not being together is a major storyline on VPR.

Scheana said, “I can’t even imagine. But she is a very strong woman and she’s going to be just fine.”

Brock for one, is curious to know what happened, and thinks the truth should be told. He said, “I think the truth needs to come out. I think somewhere in between each one of their stories is the truth. And are we going to get to know what that truth is? Probably not.”

And Scheana is most worried about Ocean. “When it comes to [Ocean], I hope that [they] can work [it] out regularly. The relationship [between them], that’s another subject. I do hope that they can figure that out for her.”

I wonder though, is this real concern, or tongue in cheek concern. Considering how put out Scheana was that Lala was worried for her and Summer Moon Honey Davies after Brock’s past came to light, we can’t really be sure. Can we?


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