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Lindsay Hubbard Is “Taking A Break” From Her Friendship With Austen Kroll Following Awkward Watch What Happens Live Appearance

As temperatures drop in Vermont, the tension between the Winter House roommates is at an all-time high. There are love triangles and messy hookups around every corner. Kyle Cooke literally had a breakdown because Amanda Batula was IN THE BATHROOM. That’s IT. It’s the liquor-filled drama I love to watch on both Southern Charm and Summer House, so putting them together is that much better.

One of the biggest plots on the show right now is the love triangle between Austen Kroll, Lindsay Hubbard, and Ciara Miller. For some reason, these ladies are fighting for the attention of Mr. Muppet Mouth rather than the Italian Stallion that is Andrea Denver. Austen made the most Austen move of all time by telling HubbHouse he “loves her like a sister” after she confessed her feelings for him. Of course, he blames his wishy-washy attitude on his lack of closure from the Madison LeCroy of it all. Not the fact that he’s been stringing both of them along and runs for the hills if there’s even a whiff of commitment in the air.

Austen really dug his own grave during his appearance on Watch What Happens Live recently. It was even MORE awkward because Linds was front row in the audience, hanging on his every word. He proceeded to name Ciara the better cuddle buddy and better kisser of the two right in front of his ex-fling. Her face said everything she was thinking, but now she’s explicitly spoken out about the situation.

Us Weekly reports that Lindsay is taking a break from her friendship with Austen after what went down. She appeared on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast and called the WWHL taping the most “awkward uncomfortable situation in [her] entire life” because of Austen’s responses. Even though she says she’s typically very confident being herself, that moment made her skin crawl. “Thank God [Austen’s sister] Katie was there because I was holding her hand, like, the world was coming to an end,” HubbHouse said. And we thought Linds was pissed off when she didn’t get a sandwich from a man.


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HubbHouse even said that she was “crying inside” when Austen was answering the quiz questions, even though she understands they also caught him off guard. “I was definitely taken aback at the responses that Austen gave,” Lindsay said. “I think he could have been a little bit more respectful to me and to our friendship.” She added that they already had that conversation after filming Winter House.

The whole situation left such a bad taste in her mouth that she’s pressing pause on their friendship. Or in the words of Cynthia Bailey, the friendship contract is now void. Her reasoning is because she feels like she invests a lot into her friendships, but feels as though Austen isn’t reciprocating that. “If it’s not going to be reciprocated [after] almost four years of friendship and if it’s still not there, then I don’t need to train a 34-year-old man how to be a good friend to me,” Linds said. “Go learn with somebody else and then get back to me another time. But I need a strong break from that friendship.” YES EXACTLY. Austen’s Peter Pan syndrome is on another level in Vermont. Something’s in the air, and it’s clearly not Madison. Maybe that’s what’s really causing the spiral, or that’s probably what Austen will blame it on, at least.


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