Luann de Lesseps Expects To Get Asked Back For Real Housewives Of New York When It Returns

Rumors have been swirling around Real Housewives of New York City since the last disaster season that ended with a cancelled reunion. This was the first time in Housewives history that a season didn’t get a reunion, post wrap. The Bravo rumor mill immediately started about the potential firings of the show’s long running OGs Luann De Lesseps and Ramona Singer.

Unfazed, Luann is assuring viewers she expects to be invited back next season. Having recently spoke with People about her new alcohol-free rosé brand Frosé, the Countess dished about the unlikelihood of her leaving the show. “I love the show and I’ve been on it for a long time,” Luann explained, “I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be on the show next season.”

Viewers of RHONY watched last season as the cast shakeup of newbie Eboni K Williams brought a much-needed new perspective to the show. Ramona and Eboni in particular, clashed frequently over racial issues, producing scenes that, due to Ramona, reached an almost unbearable level of cringe. We’re not talking the type of cringe we enjoy, like Simon Van Kempen in red leather pants cringe; This was ugly.

When it was then announced that the reunion was cancelled, it was a shock to many, but perhaps not a total surprise. Whispers swirled that the reunion cancellation had much to do with the racial dialogue that became a part of the show, and some higher plan to avoid potential PR damage. So, where does RHONY stand now that the dust has settled? Andy Cohen has stated the show “is in pause mode”.

Luann, having been a part of the show since its 2008 debut, recognized one day she will have to part ways with the franchise, remarking “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.” She explained, “People are like, ‘Are you going to stay on for another season?’ Et cetera,’. We’ll see.”


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As to what lies on the other side of the bridge potentially for this RHONY OG, Luann is intent on pursuing her television and cabaret career. In a classic Lu moment, she reminded us of her time on Italian television, explaining ” I love so much being creative with my cabaret, and I love my work in television. I’ve been at it a long time, even before the Housewives. I used to work for Italian television.”

On her future post-Housewives, Luann divulged, “[I want] to keep on being active, to keep working in television and to enjoy a thriving cabaret career.”

“I do love performing,” Luann explained, “I do love the live interaction with the fans, and I love the creative aspect of putting together a cabaret show. If I can do this for many years to come, that would be such a gift.”

While RHONY continues to lie in Bravo purgatory or ‘pause mode’ as Andy puts it, Luann’s keeping busy with her new rosé brand Frosé. The drink, is meant to be as good as rosé, without any of the booze. Luann explained, “It’s low calorie, it’s delicious, it has euphorics that make you feel food. It’s amazing.”

In the world of television, Lu fans can currently catch the Countess on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Reflecting on the trip, Luann explained “It was really cool to travel with a group of women from each franchise and to get to know them and to bond with them.”


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RHUGT seeks to provide a new perspective on the ladies, compared to the regular franchise. Luann reflecting on the show, explained “It feels different from the New York Housewives in that we break the fourth wall. We talk about what it’s like being on our own franchises as well, and all that comes with it.”

Bravo fans have been waiting for something like this a long time, and the show appears to be living up to the hype. “I think that we are all strong women and we all have these lives that we play out on television, but there are thing that bother us, that get to us,” Luann continues, “Those are the things that I think people will be interested in hearing about.”

While we continue to enjoy Luann on RHUGT and hopefully RHONY in the future, we can sleep soundly knowing even after housewives, there will be no slinking into the shadows for the Countess.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]