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Jen Shah’s Employee Who Allegedly Stole A Green Clutch From Meredith Marks Used To Work For Heather Gay Until She Had To Fire Him

Green-clutch-gate is officially upon us. During the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City After Show Heather Gay spilled some fresh tea. She gave even more insight into the problematic habits of Jen Shah’s now former assistant. I know there are a lot of former employees to keep straight. This story is about the one accused of stealing from Meredith Marks. It seems Heather has had her own run in with this man.

Heather explained the recent Real Housewives of Salt Lake City drama. She claimed, “Jen had an entourage that was pretty deep. …She said that she had first string, second string, third string staff.”  Heather then recalled, “One of her former staff had five-finger-discounted a clutch from Meredith’s store. And it was a staff member that I was also familiar with that had five-fingered some cash from my store.” W O W!

During a RHOSLC cliffhanger fans watched Meredith tell her cast-mates about Jen Shah’s assistant lifting a green clutch from her boutique. In the end, the man in question returned the purse to Meredith’s shop. While Jen completely denies it all, Heather claims this same person was a “former employee” that she “had to let go” for similar reasons. Heather quipped, “Jen actually informed me that he had been taking cash tips from her on the side.” How is this real?!


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Heather explained that the man admitted to taking cash from Jen to give her treatments and to make her appointments. All without telling the management at Beauty Lab. Heather added, “We don’t accept tips and we do not accept commissions on sales.” After being approached on the matter, the employee immediately resigned.

“That’s another cog in the wheel,” Heather explained. “Jen is employing people that she has turned in to me. …Say’s a lot.” Heather called the accusation of this person stealing “consistent” with what she knows him to “stand for.” Not the glowing character reference Jen’s former henchmen employees need right now.

Jen’s sidekick for hire, Stuart Smith, is also under heavy scrutiny for his connection with the ‘Shah Squad.’ He recently changed his plea to guilty ahead of his approaching court date. Stu is facing up to 30 years in prison for defrauding the elderly, lying to the Federal Trade Commission, and perjury in connection with Jen’s “business”. At this point, I’m going to need a second Hulu special on Jen’s former employees’ criminal histories.


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